Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Capture, Keep and Share Your Important Info Safely and Securely: Mustbin App {Review}

There are times when I tell myself (kid myself, more accurately) that I'm getting organized.

I'll have cleared out a closet full of unneeded clothes, labeled a shelf full of bins or just found the pair of shoes that I knew were around here somewhere, and I sit back and tell myself that I've got the world all straightened out.

But we all know that feeling lasts for approximately 10 minutes... until it's time to find the check you need to cash or the permission slip that needs to be signed. And that doesn't even begin to include the number of times that you've needed your important documents and haven't known where to find them, right? In a moment's notice, would you be able to round up your home deeds, insurance policies, birth certificates and more?

Fortunately that will never be a problem again thanks to Mustbin.

Mustbin app

Available now on the app store, Mustbin is a new way to capture and organize your most vital information and treasured moments, answering the question: How can individuals organize all their information and be prepared for when they need it?

As most of us have more and more vital information increasingly spread across numerous physical locations (just think of the file cabinets, safety deposit boxes, work desks, attorneys or financial advisers that are used across the country), it makes sense that it is more difficult to round up info when you need it.

Instead, Mustbin takes all of life's most vital documents and information (both physical and digital) and organizes it into secure "bins" that can be shared privately with family, friends or advisors.

Mustbin home

Could this get much easier?

Simply capture your information using your iPhone's camera and sort it into one of the several pre-built bins, including Wallet, Accounts and Passwords, Health and Medical, Home, Vehicle,  Memberships and Rewards, Finance, Photos and more.

Mustbin capture

From there, a helpful Guide can take you through the setup process of inputting your information or you can elect to go directly to Documents for a specific one.

Each bin is also optimized to best help users retrieve the information they need depending on the scenario in which they need it (e.g. losing your wallet or getting into a car accident). In addition to those pre-built Action settings, users can also create their own scenarios to ensure that they are organized and prepared for any situation that may occur in their own lives.

Once all of your valuable information is in place, not only does Mustbin make it easy to access information when you need it, but you can allow others access as well. Users simply share a bin securely through a Mustbin-based private social network with anyone you want, for example a spouse, insurance agent or financial advisor.

Ever needed your spouse's password, health insurance info or credit card or social security number? Or wanted to send grandparents bank account information for financial gifts and savings accounts for education? Mustbin makes that quick and easy and can even be done through secure text messaging.

Mustbin text messaging

If complete organization and the ability to have all of your info at a moment's notice wasn't enough, Mustbin also offers the secure and private sharing of photos with family members and loved ones.

Not everyone wants to share their child's every waking moment on Facebook, so Mustbin is the perfect way to capture and share moments too private for social media with friends and family.

Mustbin photo sharing

Considering how easy Mustbin makes it to capture and share all of your photos and files, the main concern most people would then have is the security. How safe can you feel uploading all of your most important information?

With Mustbin, there are no worries.

For access to the app itself, a 4-digit pin is required. Beyond that, everything on Mustbin has military-grade encryption on it, so only you and the people you invite to your bins can see your information. This is the highest level of of technological encryption available and is so secure that even the creators of the app cannot see what is in their users' bins!

Mustbin app logo

Ready to capture, store and organize your most personal information and data? Remember that Mustbin not only offers ways to stay on top of birth certificates, social security cards, hospital bills, receipts, health and immunization records, emergency contact information, medication lists and so much more, but you can rest assured that it also offers complete privacy and security.

The result is everything in one place and the built-in organization makes sure you're prepared when you need it most.

And did I mention that Mustbin is FREE?

free apps

Head over to the App Store today to see what Mustbin can do for you!

This post was brought to you by Mustbin but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Shannon said...

What a great app and you can't beat the price. Thank you for telling us about this.

Karen Glatt said...

What an amazing app that can really help me get organized and keep my stuff where I need it and have fast access to it.

Unknown said...

When I first started reading this post I was very skeptical about keeping all that sensitive information on a phone. After read where it says that this app uses military grade encryption I can say that I would feel comfortable using this app. Thank you for sharing this review.

slehan said...

First I have to get a smart phone. Looks like a good app.

slehan at juno dot com

Anne said...

This seems like such a good idea--and you can't beat free. But despite their high-level encription, I wouldn't want all of my personal data consolidated in one spot that way. I just can't trust that hackers wouldn't find a way. Guess I'm a Luddite!

slehan said...

I wonder if they have something that can be used on a computer, not a phone?

slehan at juno dot com

slehan said...

Another reason I need a smart phone. But where is one that won't cost me $$$ every month?