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Quick Hair Removal with the Emjoi eRase e60 Epilator {Review}

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As much as I have been excited for the arrival of summer, I can't ignore the cons that come along with the warmer weather.

I love pulling out my flip flops, but that means keeping my toenails looking painted and pretty. I love the sunshine, but that means being extra diligent about sunscreen. And I love pushing all of my layers and layers of clothing to the back of the closet, but wearing shorts and skirts means hair removal if I don't want to go out in public with my legs looking like a sasquatch.

While there are those women (that I am in awe of) that make shaving or waxing a part of their daily routine, I have just never been able to find the motivation. When you add up all of the time and money that is put into the upkeep of fabulously smooth legs, my laziness always wins out in the end. That's what long pants are for, right?

Fortunately, it's now time to put away ineffective hair removal creams, painful waxes and tedious razors in exchange for the newest epilator to hit the market, the Emjoi eRase e60.

Emjoi eRase e60

If you're not familiar with epilators, they are electrical devices that resemble razors but instead remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. So picture 60 pairs of tweezers moving at once!

While yes, the entire process is not painless, Emjoi epilators have long been touted as providing exactly their users most want: quickly and effectively removing unwanted hair from the root, while doing so with the absolute minimum of discomfort. Even better is that these gadgets leave the skin smooth for up to six weeks afterward!

Considering that Emjoi's range of technically-advanced epilators have been the go-to choice for removing unwanted hair from any part of the body for quite a few years, I was eager to try out their newest release and see if it could be the answer to my hair removal woes.

Emjoi epilator

Right out of the box, I appreciated that the Emjoi eRase came with everything needed (included a great little storage/travel case) and that the device itself was much smaller and more compact than I had thought. This isn't a bulky item that it going to take up a lot of room in your bathroom drawer or cabinet!

Emjoi eRase epilator

After a quick read of the instructions, it was clear that Emjoi had thought of just about everything to make using the eRase as easy as possible.

Simply plug in the power cord, position the unit correctly and use the power button (complete with safety switch lock) to select your desired speed for the 60 tweezer action discs.

Emjoi eRase epilator review

Using an epilator differs from a razor in that you don't move it in long strokes but rather short movements of small sections. With just light pressure, you move the unit from section to section until the unwanted hair is removed.

As the Emjoi eRase includes its innovative Erase Glide Technology, this enables the user to glide it either back and forth or in a circular motion over the skin to remove hair in seconds, while being gentle enough to remove individual facial hair on chin or upper lip.

The eRase e60 also comes with a sensitive attachment for the epilator head, resulting in a product designed to be mild enough to remove hair where the user is most sensitive, including underarms and bikini line, yet still remain easy to use and reliable.

Emjoi eRase epilator sensitive cover
The sensitive cover works by essentially stopping some of the tweezers from reaching your skin.

While I found that use of the eRase e60 resulted in a stinging sensation on my skin (that was more or less painful depending on the location and the length of time I had been using this epilator), Emjoi's tip on using it immediately after a warm bath or shower on dry skin has been helpful.

Also depending on the area and thickness of the hair, the eRase is able to remove most hair on the first pass, therefore reducing possible skin irritation while saving precious time. Even better, unlike shaving where stubble begins to appear later that same day, the eRase removes hair from the root, leaving the skin smooth for up to six weeks!

After use, I simply clean it off with the provided brush, replace the cover...

Emjoi epilator cleaning

...and store each and every piece in the case so that it will be ready for the next use.

Emjoi eRase e60 case

With the growing trend of home spa experiences for privacy, relaxation, efficiency and affordability, the eRase provides a new option for hair removal at an affordable price (retail, $79.95). Why continue to purchase and repurchase razors and shaving cream to spend all summer dealing with unwanted hair when this trouble-free product can provide superior results?

To find out more about the eRase e60 as well as Emjoi's complete selection of grooming and personal care products, visit their website at and connect with them on Facebook.

Other than the eRase e60 I was provided by Emjoi in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.


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love this believe it is something I personally need thanks for the great review

Anonymous said...

I have seen the commercials for this, but knowing that it has a cleansing brush, carrying case, and your thorough review have me sold!