Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aeromax {Review} Kids' Imaginative Play Gear

One day I'm going to keep track of which toys are actually used out of the shelves, bins and stacks of them in our play room. They do all get taken down and played with once in a while, of course, but I really should do a better job of weeding out the not-so-popular ones to make room for the items that are consistently a big hit.

On that note, I could probably remove just about everything and leave one big room filled only with objects for imaginative play and Big Sister E and Little Sister B would be overjoyed. First and foremost in that room? The top quality, affordable and extremely entertaining gear from Aeromax.

I'm not sure Big Sister E could have gotten the Fire Power super soaker fire hose filled up and on her back any faster than she did the first time she saw it. With an easy screw-off cap, filling up the 1-liter tank was quick and easy and the backpack design (with adjustable straps) made it a cinch for her carry it hands-free. Plus, as the Fire Power only weighs two pounds when filled with water, there was no cause for me to worry about having to help or listen to complaining.

Just the opposite, in fact. Right away Big Sister E knew that pumping the handle would cause the spray of water to shoot over to "put out" a fire and she couldn't wait to save the day. Considering the Fire Power had a range of over 30 feet (and it really did shoot far) and the ability to be changed from a single stream to a slightly wider spray, I knew immediately that our entire yard was going to be safe and protected by my little firefighter.

Up, down, back and forth - Big Sister E had a great time even spraying behind her. I didn't keep track of the exact number of times she was able to spray before we had to stop and refill (Aeromax lists up to 60 with each fill up), but it was plenty enough that I was able to sit back and relax while she had a great time with her Fire Power and her imagination. This truly took our times pretending to be firefighters to a whole new level!

When my girls aren't putting out fires, they are often creating stories that center on real life and what they might be when they grow up. Big Sister E has been a teacher, librarian, bus driver, police officer, firefighter (of course), pilot and much, much more. One profession that often comes up, particularly after visits and checkups, is that of a doctor.

Wouldn't you trust these two doctors to make the best health decisions possible for you?
Aeromax's new line of My 1st Career Gear is not only adorable and allows kids to be all that they want to be, but each piece is completely affordable as well. For only $10.95, these outfits are high quality and detailed while still being simple and easily accessible. I love that this shirt can just be slipped on right over their clothes and the Velcro tabs ensure that no one has to wait for Mommy to help with zippers or snaps.

The drawn-on pockets on the My 1st Career Gear Dr. (Pink) are extremely cute and the clear pocket window would be perfect for a card showing a name or can be used as an actual holder for accessories. Big Sister E went right to work discussing how she was going to take care of her patients and make sure we all weren't sick... including herself.
Whether your child (or the lucky recipient of a great gift!) wants to dress as a Chef, Police Officer, part of a Road Crew or more, Aeromax makes it enjoyable and affordable. For more detailed dress-up costumes and accessories, they also offer a full line of Get Real Gear that includes everything from tutus to pilots to the cutest little mail carrier that would be a big hit around here.

For modern, realistic, high quality costumes, toys and accessories for boys and girls that are sure to entertain, Aeromax has the selection and styles for kids of all ages and ordering right online is convenient and easy. With the ability to be played with year-round, inside or out, any of their great options are sure to bring imaginative fun for hours on end and years to come.

(Other than the Fire Power and My 1st Career Gear Dr. (Pink) that I was sent from Aeromax, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and these fun products.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness way to cute. Zoe is all into imaginative play right now, and doctor is one of the top things she plays right now with the daycare kiddos. I could use that outfit for sure. The look of achievement on their little faces is just wonderful. Great site!