Thursday, August 5, 2010

HABA Baby Toys {Review} Maukilo: Buy once. Play forever.

There are a lot of great toys out there for kids, there's no denying that. There are games, puzzles, toys for outdoor play and ones for quiet imaginative play, things to play in the water or toys made to travel... it's really a good time to be a kid, isn't it?

But one group of toys that holds a high level of importance are the ones that are there right from the beginning: baby toys. Whether it is your own little bundle of joy or you are shopping for a gift, there is a lot of pressure that rests on those first objects. It goes without saying that they need to be durable, safe and non-toxic, but they also need to be interesting, stimulating, encourage even the youngest of imaginations and help develop tiny babies into active and curious toddlers.

That's why there is no better place to shop for baby toys than Maukilo and their incredible selection by HABA.

For babies first starting out with grabbing and rattling (and, most likely, tasting), the HABA Trioli Clutching Toy fits easily into small hands. Securely attached with elastic cord, the three multi-colored balls move just enough that they can be stretched in different directions or bumped up against each other.

Meeting all safety standards, the combination of the natural wood and the water-based colors and varnishes means one less thing for parents to worry about if their child puts this object into their mouth. Or, in my case, feels the need to take it before Mom can remove the tags and lay it directly on their face.

By this point, I just don't even ask.

Designed to encourage grasping, discovery and cause-and-effect, both the HABA Rainbow Fabric Ball and the HABA Play Dice Moo and Baa are the perfect thing to start any young child on the right path. Their high quality, soft fabric and various tactile opportunities are made to entertain and appeal to the inquisitive nature all babies have right from the beginning.

With a different color, pattern and texture on each of its sections, when Little Sister B wasn't busy giving the Rainbow Fabric Ball a good shake, we loved watching it roll across the floor. Lightweight and around 6" in diameter, it was just the right size for her to grasp and then give it a toss. Plus, each time she grabbed hold of one of the different "handles," the squeak, crinkle or rattle sound it gave made her tilt her head back and laugh.

And if a wrinkling noise made Little Sister B laugh, it didn't compare to her surprise when she realized all of the interactive features of the Play Dice Moo and Baa. Along with the different barnyard animals on each side, this colorful padded cube provided a surprise that caught all of us off-guard: when turned around, it gave a baa like a sheep! Able to keep Little Sister B occupied trying to discover the source of the sound, I really liked the way that this block could teach babies about cause-and-effect while still providing a whole lot of fun.

Finally, when it is time to head out, all parents want to avoid dropping and losing toys from the stroller or car seat but still know that entertainment is a key factor in keeping babies happy. From HABA's great line of play books, the Flower Pixies stroller book combines two attention-grabbing features: colorful illustrations and a soft, crinkly mushroom decal.

Both of my daughters loved books from an early age, so had we owned this book years ago, I would have been sure to keep it hooked on to accompany us on outings. The Velcro closure makes it easy to attach or detach and the thick cardboard is durable and strong. What a great item to have handy for in the car or a stroller ride.

With only the highest quality items available, Maukilo's selection of amazing HABA toys for babies can't be beat. Everything from clutching and teething toys to music boxes to baby gyms are safe, strong and entertaining. Once you've narrowed down your favorite, all that is left is to "Buy once. Play forever."

(Other than the above-mentioned HABA toys that I was provided by Maukilo, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of these products, their cute features and their possible benefits.)


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