Saturday, August 28, 2010

innovativeKids {Review} green start Eco-Friendly Books and Toys

In the few short years since I've had children, I have found that there are so many more companies that make amazing products for kids than I would have ever dreamed. What's even better is the eco-friendly direction that some are taking, knowing that moms not only want what is best for their children but are also concerned about the environment that they are growing up in.

So, when a company that is already on a mission to bring the best of fun and learning to children around the world designs a series of high quality books, puzzles, gift sets and more that are earth-friendly and promote the environment all in one... well, how can you not be impressed with innovativeKids and their great green start collection?

Designed to give kids an awareness of the natural world and an understanding of how we are interconnected with everything around us, innovativeKids' green start products are a great way to introduce children to all things eco-friendly from the very beginning.

Designed for ages 18 months to 6 years, not only are green start books and toys good for the environment themselves but include great pro-earth messages in each one. Made from 98% post-consumer recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly ink, parents and children alike can appreciate the inspirational words of loving and respecting our world.

Plus, they're just so darn cute that it is almost impossible to not love these adorable products right from the start.

Right away Big Sister E and Little Sister B couldn't wait to see the Number Hunt Giant Floor Puzzle and the Little Learning Book Tower up close. The bright colors and detailed, attractive illustrations were friendly and inviting and the girls were more than eager to give them a try.

The 35 oversized pieces in the Number Hunt Giant Floor Puzzle were not only cheerful and fun, but plenty durable that little hands could grab them without bending or ruining anything. Big Sister E had a great time helping me put the puzzle together and then even more when we were able to interact with it afterward.

As well as the happy children and animals portrayed gardening, bike riding, playing or just having fun in nature, this puzzle encouraged counting and cognitive thinking as well. Each number between 1 and 10 was displayed with a symbol next to it (for instance an apple or a flower) and that was the number of times that item was shown in the puzzle. Time to search!

On days that we are looking for a little more laid-back fun, both Big Sister E and Little Sister B have been really drawn to the Little Learning Book Tower and the adorable (quiet!) time that it provides. This cute, vertical collection of 10 chunky books has been just the thing for them to share and spend time looking through together (and using as building blocks).

Focusing on the essential learning concepts (e.g. opposites, colors, shapes, animals, etc), there is something about these books that had made all of us happy to see them each time we have brought them out. The words/stories inside are all simple and easy to understand, while the thick, 98% recycled material is extremely heavy-duty and resilient to being flipped, turned and tossed around.

The green start Book Towers do state that they are for ages 2 and up, however, I couldn't find any reason why younger children couldn't have a great time enjoying the endearing pictures and bright colors as well. Both of my daughters have loved books from a very early age and considering the high quality of these, I would extend that age range down six months to one year.

In fact, the combination of the educational value, eco-friendly materials and messages, reusable tote boxes for storage, affordability (both the Giant Floor Puzzles and Book Towers retail for $14.99), quality and flat-out cuteness of all of the green start items would really make them wonderful gifts. The entire line of puzzles, books, gift sets and wrapping paper starts as low as $6.99, so you know you're able to give a present that will last but without breaking the bank.

For a great mix of practical and fun that parents, children and our earth can enjoy, innovativeKids has really hit the mark. They even have a fun section on their website of environmentally-friendly tips and activities to do at home - what a perfect way to extend the fun and learning of these items into hands-on crafts or tips for the whole family!

(Other than the Number Hunt Giant Floor Puzzle and Little Learning Book Tower that I was sent from innovativeKids, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and these fun products.)


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Anonymous said...

This company looks great. I had to go look at their site because Zoe is addicted to puzzles. Santa may just have to bring her the My Dollhouse floor puzzle, she would really enjoy this. Everything looks great!

Carrie said...

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MIG said...

The floor puzzle looks really cool! I'm glad they offer chunky books too because my son is still in the phase of ripping paper. If it's not a chunky book he's bound to take it apart.