Saturday, September 18, 2010

AVG Internet Security Software 9.0 {Review}

At some point last year the current computer security software that we had downloaded on my laptop expired. My husband kept saying he would get around to renewing it or finding a better one... but, like with everything else in our lives, we procrastinated for a while. Even with the daily pop-ups reminding me that we needed to take action, I just kept on closing them and saying we would do it tomorrow.

One day I took closer notice of one of the pop-ups and, as it was telling me about the security that we needed, I clicked on it. Pause here to take that in: I clicked on it. Argh, what was I thinking? I'm smarter than that, aren't I? (Don't answer that.) It just looked so real that I didn't even take the time to consider that it might not be.

To make a long story short, after quite a bit of hyperventilating and calls to my computer-savvy brother asking if I could bring my laptop to him that very second to get rid of the virus that was quickly taking over, I managed to remove it. I couldn't open most of my programs but managed to get online in my computer's safe mode, search for the name of the virus and find and run the removal program. It took a whole lot of time and energy and sent my blood pressure through the roof, but fortunately it all ended well.

I resolved two things from that stressful morning. One, if I ever found the address of the jerk who created that virus, I would personally show up on his doorstep and punch him in the face. And two, I was never going to slack on having computer security ever again. It just wasn't worth it. Considering so much of my life is spent on my computer, I need it to be 100% safe. Fortunately, that's where the award-winning software company AVG Technologies and their Internet Security 9.0 comes in.
With 30,000 new computer viruses discovered every single day, AVG Internet Security 9.0 provides comprehensive threat protection and prevention for home and small business computer users. As well as traditional threats such as viruses, spyware and spam, this software also addresses newer threats like identity stealing malware, web exploits and drive-by phishing.

And even though some of the computer terms are over my head, all I know is that AVG Internet Security 9.0 is keeping my computer safe. It keeps the bad stuff out (it covers web browsing, instant messaging and local area networks) and the good stuff in, simple as that.

Features of this software include Anti-virus and Anti-spyware technology for a safe computer, Anti-spam for an uncluttered email inbox, an Enhanced Firewall to block hackers, an Online Shield for safe downloads and messaging and up-to-the-minute Identity Protection. No worries about your credit card information or passwords being peeked at by prying eyes.

So how complicated is the set-up process? As simple as a few clicks. After downloading and opening AVG Internet Security 9.0, I was given an installation option or two and it did the rest.

Standard Installation vs Custom Installation

The software kept me updated as it installed and, in a few short minutes, it was done.


I love how easy it is to use AVG software and how it not only keeps you informed of the security of your computer but that it doesn't slow things down one bit. Any updates are done automatically, you receive warnings for any suspicious threats and you can even schedule it to scan at a particular time that is convenient. At any point you can browse their window of options to make sure that your computer world is safe and sound.

Even though most of us consider ourselves pretty intelligent when it comes to computers, there is a lot of malicious code and junk out there that stays well-hidden. Even if you know to not fall for the virus-laden email attachment or phishing scam, can you be positive that every single site you visit online is safe?

With the increase in online shopping over the past few years, more and more hackers have come out of the shadows to make our lives miserable. I, for one, am determined to keep them away from my computer and out of my life. Thanks to AVG Internet Security 9.0, I can sit back and relax knowing that my digital world is safe and protected.

Want to try this great software out for yourself? A 1-year subscription retails for $54.99 but you can download a free trial and find out just how easy computer security can be today!

(Other than the 1-year subscription to AVG Internet Security 9.0 that I was provided due to my membership at Parent Reviewers, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this software, its features and its possibilities.)


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I guess people will have mixed thoughts on virus protections. AVG killed my computer:( So many viruses got in it was crazy. But that was just the free version....I'm a huge fan of Kaspersky.

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