Monday, September 13, 2010

Medical supplies for my "Mom Brain"

I'm pretty sure I used to be smarter.

Just recently a friend was talking about her child's teacher being able to remember the names of all of the kids in the class and I chimed in that I could do the same thing back when I was a student teacher. In fact, after all 25 kids had introduced themselves on my first day, I was able to recite each and every name back to them (and they were impressed).

Names, dates, events... I used to be able to remember it all. But now, where have my brain cells gone? Last week my husband asked me which burner I had used on the stove so he would know where to set down a dish (we have a glass top stove). Instead of just thinking about it a minute, I proceeded to put my hand down on one of the burners that I was sure I hadn't used.

You know where this is going already, don't you? Seconds later, I was running my hand under cool water while digging through our junk drawer looking for something for burn cream. What was I thinking?

Five years ago I never would have done such a thing (and in fact would have chastised my husband for being the one to do something so dumb), but now? I'm not so sure of my intelligence anymore. Am I just more distracted? Not paying attention? A woman introduced herself to me just this morning and I had no idea what her name was moments after she had said it.

Is it just me? Do I have the dreaded "Mom Brain" and am doomed to restocking my medical supplies for all of my future mishaps? If you're a mom, do you have the same problem?


Erin said...

I haven't noticed a decrease in intelligence, per se, however I used to be FANTASTIC with names. It used to freak people out that I could remember who they were a week later when I'd been introduced to them along with a dozen others.

Now, I think they look familiar, but I have no idea what their name is, or where I know them from, if I actually know them at all.


Amy said...

Oh lord yes. You know what though, it didn't seem to really hit me until I had my second son. With my first, I was still relatively together. My second, I can barely remember my name. Craziness I tell you!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I'm only six months in and I've noticed this to a HORRIFYING level. I have to keep a notebook next to me at work to remember conversations I had earlier in the day. It's horrible!

Jenny said...

I had to laugh, I know exactly what you are talking about. I don't know where my brain cells have gone!

Happy Gramma said...

It is called OVERLOAD!!! I believe all mothers (and grandmothers) have the same problem. We can only stuff so much in our brains. Wouldn't it be great if we could defrag our brains like we can our computers... or just send the unimportant things to the recycle bin.
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Tara said...

New follower from Trailing Tuesdays!

Mandee said...

I have a problem with memory since having kids. The other day I couldn't remember something so simple as the word refrigerator. My kids get so mad when I tell them to look by the tv only I say refrigerator or microwave or something! ha ha! It is sort of funny watching them look though! Oh, I'm just mean! They are supposed to just know what I'm talking about. I'm expected to know what they are talking about, right? ha ha!

mary said...

I've never had good short term memory. Especially with names. At least now I can blame it on "mommy brain."

Betsy ( said...

I'm right there. I always remind myself that I'm not just thinking for myself but 4 other people! I love your term of Mom Brain...I'm going to use that!!