Thursday, December 9, 2010

Head Chefs: Cool Tools for Cooking {Review}

My girls love to help out in the kitchen, partially because they like the process of helping... and partially because they especially like being able to eat the results.

But as much as I enjoy having them in there with me, the combination of the tools being too large for their hands and the fact that they easily grow bored and start getting antsy sometimes can put a damper on the whole cooking and baking experience.

Until, of course, we were introduced to Head Chefs and their line of fun and extremely unique kitchen tools for kids and adults.

Functional yet fun kitchen utensils for baking, cooking and more, Head Chefs are cute character-based shapes that have their own personality, color and kitchen job. With everything from spoons, spatulas, peelers, turners, measuring cups and much more, these are essentials that will not only help in making meals, but bring joy and imagination to the process. How are kids not going to want to help in the kitchen when they can use these guys?

Made out of high quality silicone and metals, these child-friendly utensils are not only sturdy enough to be safe in the dishwasher (yay!) but will hold up easily to all of the use that they get from kids of all ages. And, due to the fact that both Big Sister E and Little Sister B were enthralled with them from the moment they saw the Head Chefs, there has been quite a bit of love and use that they have already gotten.

We received an adorable collection of Head Chefs, including the Stirring Spoon, Spatula, Icing Spreader, Measuring Spoon and Child's Bowl. As I admired how the "head" of each character is the cooking tool itself and how creative and convenient it is that they have suction cup feet and can stand on the counter on their own...

Big Sister E was immediately taken with the fact that each one not only has a little belly button, but a rear end as well.

"Look at their buns, Mama! They have BUNS!"

When it comes to actually using the Head Chefs, we have found that they bring more than just a handy tool to the kitchen. Big Sister E is much happier being able to actually participate and contribute to cooking and, due to the fact that these can be bent in any direction and played with almost like a toy, she stays engaged and interested in helping much longer. Plus, then I get to listen to all of the imaginative adventures and stories that she comes up with about the Head Chefs!

A great way to bring a twist to the kitchen for kids and adults, Head Chefs are both functional and fun. Whether purchased individually or in a set, these would be a great addition to any family's kitchen tools. And, as Head Chefs are always bringing new friends into their gang, you'll want to check back to their website to see any recent additions. For more information, you can also follow Head Chefs on Twitter and Facebook.

(Other than the Head Chefs products that I was sent, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their unique products.)


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness how cute are those!