Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Kidorable Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... in fact, with all the snow piled up outside my door right now, I'd say it would be pretty hard to deny that the holiday has truly arrived. But with all of the gift ideas out there (toys, clothing, books, games, etc, etc) it's been hard to even know where to begin to find something that meets the standards for a really great present, hasn't it?

Instead of blinking lights, lots of buttons and a multitude of animated characters, it's best to not forget that a lot of the items that end up treasured from childhood are traditional, everyday things. A wooden spoon, a discarded purse, even a cardboard box can lead to endless imaginative adventures for kids of all ages.

This holiday season, a wonderful idea for holidays gifts has been the ones that, while being practical and having a set purpose, engage a child's imagination, have lasting play value, have an open-ended theme, encourage interaction and are, of course, fun. Where can you find all that? At Kidorable.

With so many different styles of raincoats, umbrellas, backpacks, towels and so much more starting in sizes small enough for 6-month-olds, the babies, toddlers and big kids on your list can be taken care of in one stop. With more than a dozen adorable styles (such as ladybug, fairy, frog, pirate and dinosaur), once you find the one that works best, you can purchase as much or as little of the matching line as you'd like.

With such cute results, you know the lucky child who receives Kidorable products is going to be happy... and because there are always great deals at Kidorable to save you money, everyone wins! Happy Holidays!

This post was brought to you by Super Amazing Savings.


kailani said...

We have the fairy raincoat & umbrella. It's adorable!

Anonymous said...

We love Kidorable! I'm gonna get my order in soon for some rain boots for the Spring.

Blogger Broadcast said...

They are adorable! The kids at Trinity's school were looking for some umbrellas, I will tell their moms.

The Sheridans said...

I have never heard of them till now, I love it! My little girl is going to HAVE to have the lady bug umbrella! SO CUTE!

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Unknown said...

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