Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Checking Our List: K'NEX Big Building Tub {Review}

There are certain brands of toys that you mention the name and people just nod knowingly, fully understanding how much fun kids have with them even before you have to explain. These are the items that inspire creativity, boost a child's imagination and lead to an all-around fun time whenever they are brought out... which is time and time again.

And parents everywhere can agree that one name that is universally-loved by both boys and girls of all ages is the always-inventive and original K'NEX.

The most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company, K'NEX products are sold (and enjoyed) across all ends of the earth. With the ability to provide fun and enjoyment for kids while mixing in the strong educational aspects of building, balance and critical thinking, these unique small connectors manage to accomplish big things.

Having loved our first K'NEX review earlier this year, Big Sister E and Little Sister B had such a good time with the Sesame Street Building Sets that I knew they would be excited to add to their collection with the classic Big Building Tub.

Filled with 50 colorful, chunky KID K'NEX blocks, rods and connectors, the Big Building Tub is the perfect way to not only provide little builders with open-ended, imaginative play, it makes clean-up and storage a breeze!

As the Big Building Tub comes with building ideas for 11 models (such as a plane, sailboat and the ABCs), I really like the way that it can provide structure and motivation for kids who like to follow directions to see a completed project. On the other hand, for those that want to construct anything that they can imagine and dream up, there are plenty of pieces to stack, snap and plug together to accomplish that as well!

Big Sister E tends to fall into the more abstract end of the K'NEX spectrum and I love seeing the what her creativity leads her items to be. As she has had a blast with our other K'NEX, her eyes really lit up when she realized she now had a place to store them (the plastic baggies we were previously using weren't really all that great) as well as more pieces to build with.

Whether playing individually or together, both of my girls have enjoyed playing with the various K'NEX sets and pieces that we own. The interaction between them (as well as me), hand-eye coordination and the self-confidence they have shown and the fact that they are proud of their creation no matter what it looks like, well, that just means that we look forward to bringing our container of K'NEX out again the next time.

No matter if you have an avid K'NEX fan or are just getting started, the Big Building Tub is a great way to allow kids to play and store their collection quickly and easily. And as K'NEX has so many levels and series appropriate for ages 2 all the way through adulthood, this is one brand of toys that can grow with your child and bring years of educational entertainment!

K'NEX products are available for purchase on their website (there are some great deals going on right now! This Big Building Tub is usually $20.99 but is on sale for only $10.99!) or at retailers nationwide. Connect with K'NEX on Facebook and then head over to A Mom's Balancing Act to see what Jenna and her kids thought of the Neighborhood Collection School House Building Set - how fun!

(Other than the Big Building Tub that I was sent by K'NEX, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their entertaining products.)


Anonymous said...

I love K'nex! We got Gavyn the ferris wheel for Christmas and can't wait to see him build it. He loves building and mom and dad love helping him!

Amber D. said...

My daughter would love these!

I am a newbie blogger and am SO HAPPY that I found your blog through the blog hop! I follow you and would love if you could follow me back! Thanks!