Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kids' toys that everyone can love

When it comes to birthdays and the holidays, I think everyone is on the lookout for the best toys for the children in their lives. That's not really all that surprising, right?

Unfortunately, however, there are many toys that kids love that are noisy and provide little educational benefit for children... not to mention that after listening to the same noise over and over, many parents are ready to pull their hair out. So what features does a great toy have that you can rest assured that it will promote learning and help to keep the noise level at a minimum? And let's include that they have the added benefit of keeping the kids occupied for a decent of time, because what could be better than that?

Here are a few examples of much-loved toys (by both adults and kids) that would make great gifts this holiday season: Fireman Sam toys, the Fisher Price Jumperoo and the Vtech Kidizoom camera.

Fireman Sam is a fun children’s television series that teaches children about being helpful - I'm sure my girls would love it! The kids will have fun playing the hero - whether it be pretending to rescue a cat from a tree or saving people from a burning building.

There are figurines of the characters on the series, a fire station, and a role play set, just to name a few. Fireman Sam toys are safe to use, great for teaching your kids about fire safety, and provide hours of fun, letting their imaginations run wild.

Finding a great toy for babies can be a hard task, but Fisher Price makes it easy with their rainforest jumperoo. It is a comfortable toy for babies who can hold their own head up, but are not yet walking. Put the baby in the jumperoo and they will have fun playing with all the rainforest animals and the toys and visually stimulating objects placed around the frame. Batting around at the animals helps build their motor skills, and the toy is also helpful for stimulating visual development.

Babies will have a great time playing and jumping, whilst giving Mom or Dad's arms a much-needed break. Both Big Sister E and Little Sister B loved being in a jumperoo when they were younger - in fact, I think if there was one for kids their size, they would still be thrilled to hop in and do some jumping!

When it comes to enticing items, children always want to play with their parents’ tech gadgets such as cameras. Now you can stress less, knowing your camera will stay safe with the Vtech Kidizoom camera. Children will have their own digital camera to snap pictures, take videos and play games that is designed just for them.

The camera is shaped to fit in little hands, lets kids capture their own memories for the family album and even comes in fun colors that children will love. This camera is quiet, takes real pictures and will keep children busy for hours in any location!

These are just a few of the toys that can help keep children busy and happy while learning at the same time, and maybe - just maybe, you'll keep your sanity with them, too. Do you have any favorite toys that both children and adults will love?

(This post was brought to you by Tesco Direct)


Unknown said...

My daughter loved her Jumperoo! We just pulled it back out for the baby. So far he hasn't figured out what to do with it but is totally in love with the blue frog. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about the camera for the kids, because they are ALWAYS grabbing mine and snapping shots. I think they would enjoy this. Great post!

Stephie C said...

I am super excited for my daughter to recieve her Lego Creationary game this year! I think the whole family is going to have fun with that one (I highly reccomend all sorts of board games as the kids love the family interaction as well as the game itself!), also although it is loud the leapfrog learning tables are GREAT for 8 months to age 2!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

These are great toys! Do you think an almost 3 year old would like the camera?

Jenny said...

The girl's Tinkertoy set. It is plastic, not wooden. My daughter has played with these everyday since she got them for Christmas 2 years ago. She's 6 now.

They have been made into microphones, play grounds for her animals, princess wands, guitars, you name it...she's made it!