Monday, December 19, 2011

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair {Review}

QuickSmart logoWhen it comes to baby gear, I can easily see that there have been advancements in the years since my girls were infants... some better than others.

From some brands, there are new styles and designs of their products. A new, brightly-colored fabric or possibly the addition of a cupholder on a stroller or a diaper pocket on a play yard.

Other companies, however, have joined the market and fully understand what parents want and need. They don't introduce products that are just another copy of whatever is already out there, they have their own unique way of assessing the demands of parenthood and inventing something that is versatile, convenient and high quality.

The leader in those innovative products? QuickSmart and their once you've tried these you'll never go back line of award-winning baby gear.

QuickSmart reviewIf you caught my past QuickSmart reviews (for their fun Scuttle Bug and their amazing 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet), then you already know that I'm a big fan of this company and the way that they develop products with the mobile on-the-go parent in mind. The design and functionality help parents move easily from one moment to another without getting bogged down, and the elimination of any extra bulk or hassle just makes life easier. Isn't that what we all want?

So after having been thoroughly impressed with our past experiences, I had no doubt that the QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair would live up to (and most likely surpass) the expectations that I had for this quality product.

QuickSmart Easy Fold High ChairAn extremely compact, easy to care for, grow-with-me product, the Easy Fold High Chair takes all of the features of a great high chair and puts them into a single, modern, convenient package that is able to fit into all areas of your life, both literally and figuratively.

As I began to pull it out of the box, there was a fleeting second where I was thinking that I needed to go get a screwdriver and check the clock to see if I would have enough time for assembly... but then I remembered that this is QuickSmart and they don't want parents to have to waste even a single moment.

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair reviewRight out of the box and you're ready for meal time - no assembly required! Unlatching the single side hook, I had this high chair securely popped up and ready to go in less than a minute. By snapping on the snack tray and dishwasher-safe tray liner, I could immediately see that pulling this out when it was time to eat would be quick and easy.

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair reviewQuickSmart doesn't skimp when it comes to features or safety, so both of those were apparent just from a single glance. The sturdy construction and 5-point safety harness keep your child in place (no chance of wiggling out of this one!) and the soft, laminated fabric keeps them comfortable while also making it easy to wipe down any messes.

With the ability to grow with your child, the Easy Fold High Chair includes an adjustable tray, backrest and footrest, ensuring that there will always be plenty of room for them to kick back and relax with a bottle or sit up and enjoy mealtime with the family.

Of course QuickSmart made it simple to use all of the aspects of their high chair, as the footrest moves up and down with the press of a single button...

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair review...and the backrest can go from being fully raised to reclined by lowering one lever...

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair review...and laying the seat back, perfect for a rest.

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair reviewWhen it comes time to fold, the Easy Fold High Chair lives up to its name and is done in two intuitive steps. Lifting the safety latch on the side with one hand (preventing any chance of unintentional folding), you only have to step and push in on the foot pedal...

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair review...and the entire thing collapses down...

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair review...into a 32.2" L x 21.3" W x 8.7" H compact, fuss-free, easily-stored package.

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair reviewInstead of always having to have a high chair take up space in your kitchen or dining room, the QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair can be slid in between cupboards, under the couch or a bed, or tucked into a closet without problem. Whether you are a parent who would use this multiple times a day or a grandparent who wants to keep it on hand for when little ones come to visit, this folds and unfolds so quickly that you'll always be prepared.

We've recruited one of our favorite little helpers to test out the Easy Fold High Chair for a while and it has definitely not disappointed!

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair reviewFrom the rapid fold and unfold to the minimal food entrapment for easy wipe down to the sturdy steel construction to the rubber, non-slip grips on the legs, the Easy Fold High Chair does it all. Weighing in at 19.1 pounds, it is slightly on the heavy side, but not unreasonable as long as it isn't being carried for an extended period of time (moving it from one room to the next or putting it in the car for travel is perfectly fine).

Designed for ages 6 months+ and up to 30.8 pounds, this is one piece of baby gear that you'll be happy to have at your disposal. Through multiple children as well as family, visitors, grandchildren, and more, QuickSmart has ensured that their high chair will be convenient and useful for years to come.

Retailing for $149.99, the QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair can be purchased from or today. Be sure to connect with QuickSmart on Facebook and Twitter as well, as you aren't going to want to miss information about current and future products from this great company.

(Other than the Easy Fold High Chair I was provided by QuickSmart, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product and this innovative company.)


Anonymous said...

This chair looks wonderful. I love that it reclines and folds up for easy storage or even travel! Neat:)