Monday, May 21, 2012

Disney FamilyFun Badges of Fun: Get Active!

While it can be difficult to find the time to read much of anything these days, if I do find that I have a spare moment there's a good chance that I'll reach for FamilyFun.

Written for parents with children 3 to 12, it is clear that I'm not the only fan, as FamilyFun is a magazine (and website) that is read by more than 5 million people each month. From crafts to recipes to personal stories to great toys... the list of things that you'll find when you crack open the colorful pages is nearly endless. Having read FamilyFun since before Big Sister E was born, I have always had a long list of ideas that I have wanted to try.

So, after 20 years, how can FamilyFun help families even more? This year they have been celebrating their  20th anniversary with a fun, year-long initiative for families, appropriately titled Badges of Fun.

FamilyFun Badges of Fun

Based on the idea that over the years FamilyFun readers have shown that spending time together is the key to a happy family, Badges of Fun is a yearlong program that has celebrated family time. Families have had the chance to earn themed badges with every magazine issue by doing fun activities together... not to mention entering sweepstakes to win cool prizes!

The first Badge (there are 10 total) debuted in the June/July issue, and Badges included have been the Family Fun Night Badge, Learn Something New Badge, Backyard Fun Badge and more. With each new Badge released, there are great ways to get involved that your family is sure to enjoy. After completing the activities, you can even print off that month's Badge (or cut it out of your magazine) and display it on FamilyFun's display poster for all to see.

FamilyFun Badges of Fun poster

The year's initiative is coming to a close, but the fun isn't over yet! The May issue of FamilyFun spotlights the very last badge to be earned; the Get Active Badge, which is all about staying active and healthy while having fun with whole family — just in time for summer!

Ready to get involved? First, check out the May issue of FamilyFun, which features the Get Active Badge. Families can earn the badge — and, enter to win fun prizes — by completing one of three suggested activities under a particular theme. This month's options are to take a hike, hop on your bike, and play in your yard.

Each activity has great ideas for ways to involve the whole family and we were more than happy to enjoy the outdoors with a variety of toys and accessories from FamilyFun.

outdoor toys

As my kids could spend the whole day out in the yard if they were allowed, they had no problem heading out to get active. Even though we adapted the suggested activities a bit, they still had a blast running, jumping...

jumping rope

...imagining, hiking, exploring, throwing...

beanbag toss

...and more!

I love the concept of the Badges of Fun as a whole, as they are such a great way to help inspire families to spend time together having fun. With the final Get Active Badge just in time for summer, now is a great time to remind your kids to stay healthy and active while getting out and getting moving.

Head over to FamilyFun today (and check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well), as there is still plenty of time to join in earning Badges of Fun with your family!

(Other than the products that I received from FamilyFun, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this this great initiative.)