Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Johnson's Baby Cares Partners with Save the Children to Give Back

While there was plenty of talk before this past Mother's Day about gifts and pampering, I only had to take one look around me to know that I had everything I could want right here already.

No matter how corny or sappy it sounds, I will be forever grateful for my family and having each of them in my life. Every day I hear tragic stories of love and loss, of sudden sicknesses, of partners losing their soul mate in the blink of an eye, of moms just like me receiving devastating news about their health of their children, and each one breaks my heart.

Not only are my children happy and healthy, but I have a wonderful husband, a supportive family, and friends that are willing to be there at a moment's notice. We have food on the table, a roof over our head, and clothes on our backs... with more than enough left over. Yes, we are lucky.

Unfortunately, I know that things aren't the same for other parents out there and that there are situations, whether due to natural disaster, the economy or something else, in which they are having a hard time providing even the basic necessities for their baby. That's why I'm even more thankful that, as part of their commitment to the healthy development of babies, Johnson's Baby has launched a new charitable platform in order to help: Johnson's Baby Cares.

Johnson's Baby Cares

In an effort to make a difference, Johnson's Baby Cares has kicked off a partnership with Save the Children which will provide ongoing support for the critical issues surrounding maternal and children's health. At the same time, this duo will help provide essential resources to families in times of crisis with their Baby "Care Kits."

Johnson's Baby will donate these kits stocked with baby essentials (lotions, washes, shampoos, diaper creams, etc.) to Save the Children, who will then distribute them to families in disaster stricken situations. Johnson's Baby is also taking things a step further by providing funding that enables Save the Children programming, such as Child Friendly Spaces, which supplies moms and children with safe areas to recover, play and experience the joy of being together as a family following a disaster.

This is where you and I come in.

You can visit the Johnson's Baby Cares Facebook page to make a donation or, in an even easier way to show your support, watch and share the following "Happy Mother's Day, Mom -- You're Doing OK" video here or on YouTube. Not only will you need to reach for a box of tissues, but Johnson's will donate an additional $50,000 to Save the Children when they achieve 500,000 views.

Taking time to give thanks for what you have is essential, while giving back is an aspect that is important for us all... and to teach our children. I want my girls to continue to grow up happy and healthy, but I also want to instill a sense of gratitude and compassion for others.

The recent Mother's Day holiday was a great opportunity to share quality time with our family, but during these simple moments of happiness, it is easy to forget that not all moms have the same opportunity and need some extra help. Be sure to find out more about Johnson's Baby Cares and their partnership with Save the Children on their website and Facebook page, because there's really no better gift than lending a hand to someone in need.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson & Johnson and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


Anonymous said...

Aww cute video and what a great way to help Save the Children!

polly said...

so sweet!!made me get teary! you're doing ok mom! thanks johnson & johnson for years of wonderful products!