Monday, May 28, 2012

Change and Make Your Bed Quickly and Easily with Zipit Bedding {Review & Coupon Code}

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I equate making the bed with flossing your teeth.

Both are aspects that you know you should do... but unless you were raised doing them daily, therefore ensuring that they are ingrained as part of your daily routine, it can be extremely difficult to pick up either one and turn it into a habit.

For me, I would love to have my bed made every day. There's just something about how having the sheets smoothed into place and the duvet laid out neatly that is so much more inviting than the crumpled mess that currently awaits me. The problem lays in the two factors that affect just about everything I do: my lack of time and my laziness.

So if I can't even take the extra few minutes to get my own bed situated in the morning, how can I expect my kids to do any differently? Fortunately, that's where Zipit Bedding comes in and makes the entire process quick and easy.

Zipit Bedding

A brand new, mom-invented product that enables anyone (including kids!) to make and change their bed in seconds, Zipit Bedding gives new meaning to the phrase "just Zipit!"

As anyone who has ever made a bed before knows, the various pieces — sheets, blankets and comforters — are easily entangled and hard to keep neat. What is it that we do during the night that gets them that way? However, instead of struggling to lay each part into place separately, Zipit Bedding connects a fitted sheet and comforter via zippers down the sides to result in one easy-to-use unit.

Considering that I can normally walk into my kids' rooms and find their beds looking not so neat...

unmade beds

 ...I was eager to see if Zipit Bedding could transform the sloppy look into something that was not only neat, but was one that they were able to take care of all on their own.

As I laid out the three piece set,  it was easy to see that the concept behind the sheet, blanket and pillowcase was to create normal bedding that functions with the simplicity of a sleeping bag. Instead of it being a chore to make your bed, you only have to zip up the side and you're ready to go!

Zipit Bedding review

After throwing the pieces in the washing machine (which was extremely easy due to the fact that they are connected together), I found that placing them on Big Sister E's bed took much less time than normal. As I stretched the elastic of the sheet around the corners, the blanket was pulled right into place with it!

Zipit Bedding review

When it came time to put the pillowcase on, I was thrilled with the zipper feature included there as well. Instead of doing the smush-smush-shake-shake-shake dance that I typically have to do to get a pillow to shimmy down into a pillowcase, Zipit has made it so much easier to unzip, place the pillow inside, and zip it closed.

Zipit Bedding pillowcase

In the end, the bed was made in a fraction of the time that it normally takes and Big Sister E loved it!

kids bedding

She has since been extremely proud of the fact that she can climb in and zip herself up to go to sleep...

blue kids bedding well as get out and zip her bed made in the mornings without needing help.

easy kids bedding

The only thing that we've found missing from our Zipit Bedding is a flat sheet, as with the summer months ahead it might get too warm to have a blanket all the time.

On the other hand, however, I love that Zipit Bedding included great little zippered pockets on each side, as those have proved to be a great place to store special little belongings.

storage bedding

Currently available in twin or full sizes in pink or navy (I look forward to more colors in the future!), Zipit Bedding is the answer to stress-free making and changing of a bed. Instead of finding your child's blankets in a crumpled mess on the floor or at the end of the bed each morning, they will love how fun, fast and easy it is to zip it and be done!

Retailing for $69.99 for full and $59.99 for twin, now is the time to try out this great bedding with a special not-to-be-missed discount! For a limited time, you simply have to enter the coupon code GREEN10 at checkout and your purchase of a twin size Zipit Bedding will only cost $39.99! That's $20 off of the discounted web price and a really great deal to be able to experience the bedding that is the wave of the future.

To find out much more about this innovative new way to make your bed and to make a purchase, visit, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their humorous ad!

(Other than the Zipit Bedding twin set that I received from Zipit Bedding, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this product.)


Real Life FA said...

This is so flipping cool. It kind of makes me wish that I had kids so I would have a legitimate reason to buy this. Maybe by the time I get around to having little ones they will have tons of colors to choose from. I will however be sharing this post with all my friends with little ones!

lorialcorn2006 said...

wow these are really cool, I really hate to change bed stuff and this would actually be more fun , I ever love the patterns on the sheets . great review !

JC said...

That looks really interesting and I'm sure it helpful to parents. Thanks for the review!
Chavonne H.