Wednesday, December 12, 2012

iFrogz Vue Case for the iPhone 5 {Review}

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At some point, it appears that the brand/type of phone you prefer has turned into an extremely debatable topic. Similar to views on politics, gay marriage and co-sleeping, suddenly everyone has to strongly defend the features of their phone and their carrier and just exactly why they are nothing short of the very best.

As with most hot topics in life, I have an opinion... but also don't begrudge others of having their own. For me, I've tried a variety of smartphones and just find that my life is a whole lot easier when I stick with Apple. The other phones have performed great and all, but just give me my iPhone and all feels right in the world.

What makes it even better? Knowing that my treasured device is not only fast and convenient, but that it is safe, protected and personalized perfectly just for me thanks to the Vue Case by iFrogz.

iFrogz Vue

The ultimate in customizable cases, the Vue Case for the iPhone 5 enables the user to protect their phone while displaying their favorite pictures, prints or designs. The result is a case truly unique to each one of us that can be changed as often as you'd like!

Considering that the idea of being able to change my phone case depending on my mood immediately appealed to me, I couldn't wait to put the Vue to the test.

Vue review

While I initially had reservations about the amount of time it would take to customize my case (therefore decreasing the likelihood of me ever actually doing it), I was pleased to see that iFrogz made the entire process quick and easy.

Vue case review

This handy kit includes the clear iPhone 5 case, two plastic templates, two sample patterns and an oval hole punch for the camera lens.

Using one of the pre-made patterns couldn't be much easier, as you simply pop it into the clear case and place it onto your phone. Not only is the Vue highly protective, covering all of the corners and edges well, but it doesn't collect dust or lint, so there is no worry about what might be seen through the clear backing.

iPhone 5 case

When it comes to creating your own one-of-a-kind case, however, it simply takes an extra minute or two. You're able to choose from photographs, artwork, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, sketches... pretty much anything that you want to use for display!

I gathered my iFrogz materials and a recent small painting from Big Sister E and prepared to create my masterpiece.

iphone 5 case customized

Using the template, I simply traced the rectangular shape of the outer edge, as well as the oval for the camera hole.

After cutting out the background...

Vue iphone 5 case customized

...I used the hole punch to cleanly pop out a perfect oval for the camera lens.

iphone camera hole punch

Placing my newly sized art right into the clear case and securing it on my iPhone has led to something that can now keep my gadget safe (I've already dropped it and was so glad that the Vue was on there!) while also displaying my daughter's artwork in a fun, stylish way.

iphone5 case

While a classic black or white case is nice, I couldn't be happier with my Vue from iFrogz and just how easy it is to create something unique and fun! If I ever get tired of my current artistic design, I'll be sure to pick out my favorite photo of my kids and pop it in so that I can show them off for a while... until a newer photo comes along, in which case it will only take a minute to update it again!

Retailing for $29.99 (directly from iFrogz or on Amazon), I'm happy to have found the Vue Case for the iPhone 5, as it has given me the best of all worlds! The case itself is durable and strong (while still allowing full access to all of the ports, inputs, and sensors), the template and hole punch provide accurate and clean lines for customization, and the end result is personalized just for me!

Whether you are looking for a way to update your own phone or you have someone on your holiday shopping list that would love a way to customize their treasured technology, the Vue from iFrogz would be an affordable and fun gift to have under your tree.

Find out more about this case as well as all of iFrogz's high quality cases, headphones, earbuds and accessories at as well as connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than the Vue kit that I received from iFrogz to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this product.