Friday, December 7, 2012

Peppa Pig Plush and Playset Collections {Review}

While we had a variety of memorable occasions and events occur in 2012 (first lost tooth, first day of Kindergarten, etc) this year is also momentous due to our introduction to one of my girls' favorite characters.

Because once we met the charming family of pink pigs who talked, laughed and snorted their way through cute adventure after cute adventure, my kids were hooked.

From then on, Peppa Pig has had a place in our lives.

Peppa Pig logo

A longtime favorite with British children, Peppa Pig arrived in the U.S. in early 2011, airing on Nick Jr for preschool-aged children. This adorable series stars Peppa, a loveable, energetic little piggy, along with her family – her little brother, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig – as they play games, dress up, go to school, take family trips and, best of all, jump in muddy puddles... all with a sweet and engaging British accent.

So while my girls have enjoyed snorting and giggling along with the show and playing with our previous toys, I knew that they would be even more excited to bring the magic of the hit series home with even more Peppa-themed fun!

Peppa Pig review

Available now at Toys 'R Us and on Amazon, our assortment of Peppa Pig items were bright, colorful and great for kids right out of the box. I had no doubt that the girls' eyes were going to pop out when they saw all of the fun awaiting them!

How could any Peppa Pig fans go wrong with the Peppa Pig Mini Plush (from Fisher-Price)?

Peppa Pig Mini Plush

The perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves Peppa, these miniature plush Peppa Pigs are cute, loveable and just right size for kids to love. Measuring in at 9" tall, this Everyday Peppa in her signature red dress can be a part of playtime, bedtime, travels and more!

Retailing for $9.99, Everyday Peppa is a part of the full collection of Mini Plush that also include Muddy Puddles Peppa, Ballet Peppa and Everyday George. I have no doubt that we'll need to add other versions to our household in the future!

When it comes to being a part of the Peppa Pig fun, however, kids are able to take part in the adventure and storyline as well with the Peppa Pig Sip 'n Oink Tea Set (also by Fisher-Price). It's just so easy to imagine and play with this unique and cute set!

Peppa Pig Sip 'n Oink Tea Set

Coming complete with a Peppa's House teapot with lid, a George sugar bowl, a Peppa milk pitcher, two teaspoons, two saucers and two adorable teacups, all that is needed is pretend tea and an imagination.

Peppa Pig Sip 'n Oink Tea Set review

Oh, the cuteness! This set includes all of the accessories needed to truly have a fun tea party with friends, as the top of the teapot is easily removed and the working spout can be used to pour liquids easily.

At the same time, the George sugar bowl is perfect for holding small items, the plates are just right for a cookie or cracker, and the Peppa milk pitcher can be used for adding to tea party attendees' drinks.

Peppa Pig tea set

But the highlight of this tea set has to be the adorable surprise that comes along with the cups. Simply tip them up for a sip and it's nearly impossible to not laugh at the result!

Peppa Pig tea party
You know you want to join my tea party!

Retailing for $16.99 (at Toys 'R Us or on Amazon), the Sip 'n Oink Tea Set contains everything you need to inspire a creative tea party of a good time with Peppa!

To extend the fun even further, the Peppa Pig Picnic Adventure Car makes it easy to take everyone's favorite pig family on a leisurely drive for a tasty picnic.

Peppa Pig Picnic Adventure Car

Containing the family car, an articulated Peppa Pig figure, a picnic blanket and a picnic basket with a reversible lid, this set provides continual entertainment and creative play... including cute sound effects, phrases and songs!

Peppa Pig Picnic Adventure Car review

The small details and cute touches on this set give it the little something extra that Peppa Pig toys seem to be known for. They're just so fun!

The car not only can be wheeled around to give rides, but by pressing the logo on the side (or by merely moving the wheels), it plays a variety of sayings, sounds and music (including everyone's favorite snorting, of course) that help bring the whole adventure to life.

At the same time, Fisher-Price knows that parents appreciate when a battery-operated toy can also provide silence, so there is an easily-accessible power switch right on the bottom that can make for fun, quiet play as well.

Peppa Pig car

For the actual picnic, however, I love the innovation of the picnic basket that opens and closes by flipping over the lid, as that can easily add so much more to the story or a child's creativity simply by making it possible to "transport" the food right along for the trip!

Peppa Pig picnic

Retailing for $19.99 (at Toys 'R Us or on Amazon), the Peppa Pig Picnic Adventure Car is a fun addition to any collection and would make a great gift for young Peppa fans everywhere. We just need the rest of the family and we'll be all set for picnic travels of all kinds!

When it comes to extending the fun of this family, Fisher-Price has created a unique, adorable way to bring the entertainment and enjoyment of Peppa Pig to children of all ages.

We have yet to tire of seeing and playing with these cheeky little piggies and their friends and plan on inviting Peppa and her family into our home in more ways in the future. Visit Toys 'R Us to see the full line of great Peppa Pig items available and find out more and connect with Peppa at as well as on Facebook. Catch the Peppa Pig spirit today!

(Other than the aforementioned Peppa Pig toys that I was sent in conjunction with my membership to Team Mom, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these products.)


FireRunner2379 said...

Cut stuff, I think my little niece would love this stuff, I personally like the tea cup, it would be great to get some family photos of people using it, especially if they didn't know about it!

Unknown said...

This is the first I've heard of Peppa Pig. My nieces would love the tea set! I hosted their first proper tea party this summer and that's all they talk about.

WeeMason's Mom said...

I keep seeing Peppa Pig online, but have never seen it in our TV listings.

Those cups CRACK ME UP. Too funny!

slehan said...

I think it's fun that the bottom of the cups makes you have a pig's nose.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

What a cute bunch of toys I love the cups that is too funny.