Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soft, Cuddly Animal + Bright Flashlight = Flashlight Friends {Review}

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No matter if we're young or old, there is something about the darkness that somehow sends a chill down our spine, isn't there?

It's just... the unknown. No matter how certain we are that there is nothing down that empty hallway, on the other side of the bedroom or hiding under the bed, that doesn't stop us from feeling that hint of apprehension (or, in my case, not being able to leave my feet hanging off the side of the bed in fear that something will grab them).

As adults, we're able to logically reason away most of the concerns (except for the thing under my bed, I know that's there), but the large majority of children don't feel anywhere near 100% comfortable venturing or peering into the blackness.

Sure, a nightlight or a flashlight can help, but they don't provide actual, physical comfort for a child who is feeling afraid. For that, the perfect solution are the new huggable, loveable plush animals, Flashlight Friends.


A combination stuffed animal and flashlight, Flashlight Friends are a unique and snuggly way to foster comfort and security at bedtime and throughout the night.

Available in six cute styles — Dragon, Penguin, Puppy, Turtle, Panda and Unicorn — Flashlight Friends feature a cool-to-the-touch soft glow LED flashlight built right into their belly. Just tap the tummy light twice to turn it on and tap it once to turn it off. There's even a 10-minute auto shut-off in case your child falls asleep before turning off their friend's glowing belly!

Whether used at home, during travels, when sleeping in unfamiliar places or more, Flashlight Friends can provide the relaxation and warmth for kids (and the rest of the family) everywhere.

Flashlight Friends

Although we've never had too many issues with being afraid of the dark around here (knock on wood!) I knew that Little Sister B would be more than happy to welcome a furry friend into her life that would make it more fun and easy to have a light with her anytime, anywhere.

Flashlight Friends penguin

Right out of the box and it was easy to see that our new Flashlight Friend pal was not only extremely adorable and very well-made to withstand plenty of love...

Flashlight Friends review

...but that the battery installation was quick and convenient.

Flashlight Friends batteries

After opening the Velcro closure and pulling out the compartment, it only took a screwdriver and three AAA batteries (not included) before this black and white fella was ready to light up the darkness.

As Seen on TV Flashlight Friends

Little Sister B's jaw dropped when she saw this penguin's glowing belly and, without a doubt, it has been love ever since.

Flashlight Friends love

From playing games to going to bed, Little Sister B has incorporated her Flashlight Friends penguin into just about every activity, day or night.

As well as knowing that she is never alone in the dark, she has pointed out multiple times how much she loves that there is a handy little loop on the back of the stuffed animal, making it extremely easy for her to carry it around. This has made it perfect to grab for a quick trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

Flashlight Friends carry handle

Whether your child is frightened in the dark, is planning on spending a few nights sleeping at Grandma's, or simply would love to have a glowing friend around to provide a little extra love and security, Flashlight Friends are a great way to provide a little something extra that they'll be sure to enjoy.

Flashlight Friends penguin review

Retailing for $19.99 + shipping & handling, you can check out the full collection of Flashlight Friends at FlashlightFriends.com to see which plush pal would be most loved by the child in your life.

Other than the Flashlight Friends that I was provided in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this product.


Unknown said...

I love this. It will be a perfect present for my three year old granddaughter. Thank you so much for posting.

Unknown said...

I think the flashlight friends are an adorable unique idea. All children do love a comforting "pal" for bedtime at home or away. The animals are cute and not scary as well. I particularly like the penquin.

slehan said...

Very cute idea. And the little strap is handy.

slehan at juno dot com

DesiredOne said...

I saw these in wal-mart and had to get one form my grand-kids, I got the penguin for granddaughter and little dinosaur for my grandson.. They are just the right amount of brightness.

Anonymous said...

Aww so cute. I know two kids that would love one for Christmas!! Love that they added the strap.

Janet W. said...

These are adorable! My grandson loves flashlights so I know he would love one of these! I like the Turtle!

Unknown said...

These are so cute and perfect for kids who are scared of the dark!