Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Meccano: Helpful Toys For Creativity {Guest Post}

This is a guest post on a popular topic right now - toys! I wasn't previously familiar with Meccano, but these sound like such fun construction sets!

Nowadays, it's difficult to connect with kids as an age of technology has left them blind to anything practical and hands-on. Society's orientation towards technology has lifted devices such as the iPod and iPad above play-toys which could be considered entertaining and educational, such as Meccano.

The model construction system, conceived over a century ago as a toy for kids, has gone from strength to strength and many consider it to be a massive help when it comes to adding an extra dimension to a child's creativity and productivity. Of course it's an activity that isn't defined by age, making it extra efficient.

Meccano construction sets

Creativity in children

Being a practical set of toys, Meccano construction sets give children a more hands-on approach to solving problems and working as a team. It's these aspects which really contribute towards their overall creativity, taking them away from an unhealthy dependency on the internet and virtual fun.

It encourages a sort of mental development, allowing children to mature and think for themselves, acting out what it is they need to do with their constructions as well as blossoming a path for improvisation and experimentation.


Another strong and relevant aspect linked with the toys is the fact that they significantly improve hand-to-eye coordination. Creating an assembly of buildings, cars and robots, using nothing but their hands and small blocks, gives the child more physical dexterity, opens their mind up at a younger age and really helps to kick-start their intellectual growth.


It's considered a hobby for most as well as an educational prop for children but it can also act as an effective exercise for both the body and the mind. It involves action, both physical and mental, which can get things moving, aiding to fend off the negative effects of depression, anxiety and procrastination, something best kept well away during the early years of a child's life.

As an individual, the child learns to work for themselves and set goals to achieve, striving harder to better themselves. From following instructions, it can encourage children to branch out and form something of their own. This way, a child learns how to follow rules and guidelines but the toys allow enough space for the child to make their own way, assemble their own designs and can develop significant skills which will be handy in later life during their careers.

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slehan said...

And here I thought they were just toys.
Well thought out article.

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Janet W. said...

These types of toys really do help with creativity and coordination! You nailed it!

slehan said...

Also very good for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

slehan at juno dot com