Monday, October 21, 2013

Style, Quality and Expertise: Rabeanco Fashion Accessories

Rabeanco logo
As much as I love handbags and accessories, I am much more of a "quality over quantity" type of purse owner. I'll spend plenty of time admiring the flashy colors and crazy prints that I see online or carried by women when the kids and I are out and about... but am content knowing that they're just not me.

I'm more of a classic handbag type of girl. I want to own purses that are created out of high quality leathers and fabrics, are comfortable and easy to carry, have the right amount of room that I desire without being bulky and will have a sense of eternal stylishness. I'm not really into anything so trendy and "in" that it would get used for one season and then have to be replaced, I would rather purchase a bag that can be used for years to come!

Currently, the site that fulfills all of those wishes (and more) for me by combining fashion, function, style and practicality into their distinctive line of colorful leather handbags and accessories is

Rabeanco handbags

Created internationally in 2004, Rabeanco has continued to thrive across boundaries, growing its presence in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. After entering the European market, Rabeanco has now debuted in the U.S. with stores opening in California this year and the launch of their website,

It only takes one visit to the site to begin to browse the collections of beautifully styled pieces and find that it's difficult to not fall in love with Rabeanco and their large line of totes, satchels, shoulder bags, clutches, crossbody bags, wallets, wristlets and more.

Each piece is comprised of the finest quality leather, the craftsmanship is impeccable and the focus is clearly on fashion, while not at all forgetting function. At first, I took that all into account and decided that the Alex was my favorite...

Rabeanco Alex

...but then realized that I hadn't even seen the Chatham yet.

Rabeanco Chatham

But then once I thought that I had finally decided on the Chatham, I became obsessed with the unique shape and style of the Bonham II and... oh, forget it. There's just no way to choose!

Rabeanco Bonham

I won't even tell you what happened when I finally tore myself away from the handbags and tried to select a favorite accessory instead. The convenient wristlets! The colorful coin purses! The supple wallets!

One of each please, Rabeanco. I love them all!

Rabeanco accessories

When it comes to luxury handbags and accessories, it's truly possible to have it all. When you're selecting an item that you're potentially going to carry with you every day for decades to come, don't you want it to meet your exact preferences in terms of structure, size, color and more?

After having made a splash the rest of the world over, I can definitely see why Rabeanco has been hailed as the brand to turn to for everything from a weekend satchel to a fancy occasion clutch to a daily office bag. The juxtaposition of colorful leather with polished, stylish shapes makes all of their items immediate classics with such fashion forward, international style!

To see for yourself how easy it is to fall in love with Rabeanco, visit them at and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to drool over even more of their amazing handbags and accessories.

This post was brought to you by Rabeanco, but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Liz Mays said...

They have such pretty colors and I like the variety of styles. You know, I'm starting to really like the wristlets for traveling and quick runs!

Janet W. said...

Those all have a great style! I love the Alex, too! These colors are amazing!

slehan said...

I agree that they have great colors and styles. I am not a flashy purse gal either.

slehan at juno dot com