Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treat with Trash Pack & Glitzi Globes!

Although I'm pretty sure that last week was June, somehow here we are with Halloween only days away.

That means that, by now, costumes have been chosen, pumpkins have been carved and bowls have been filled with candy in preparation for the nonstop doorbell ringing that will soon occur.

To be honest, as much as both of my children enjoy trick-or-treating, they are actually much more excited about non-candy items that end up in their bags... because they actually have the opportunity to enjoy them.

All of that candy? Aside from a piece for them every now and again and the items that my husband and I "inspect" ourselves, the rest ends up in a bin in the cupboard, only to become stale as time passes.

Which is why I'm excited about having found a fun Halloween alternative this year and am looking forward to seeing the reactions from kids at our door as well as my daughters' classmates when they see The Trash Pack and Glitzi Globes.

Trash Pack Glitzi Globes logo

Two of Moose Toys' most popular brands, hilariously disgusting Trash Pack collectibles and make-your-own mini snow globes from Glitzi Globes are sure to bring a smile to all of the ghosts, goblins, cowboys and princesses out on October 31st.

Not familiar with these fun (and gross) toy lines?

The Trash Pack is made up of a collection of 100+ of "the grossest guys that live in your garbage" that kids love to collect, trade and enjoy. With names like Sicken Chicken, Mouldy Milk, Stench Fries and Rancid Steak, how could the Trashies not be a hit?

Trash Pack

Although my girls haven't personally started collecting Trash Pack items, they have been extremely excited over Glitzi Globes from our recent review and giveaway.

These glittering, sparkling, customizable miniature snow globes are fun and easy for kids to make and end up being a colorful collectible that they can trade, wear and display.

Glitzi Globes

So sure, while candy is a Halloween tradition, this year I'm excited to be able to hand out Trash Pack and Glitzi Globe items to the ghoulish scary and adorably cute costumed characters that arrive at our door.

halloween toys

Plus, instead of sending my kids to school with candy to hand out to their friends, they'll be able to pass out these great little toys into Halloween bags instead!

halloween non candy

With Halloween is right around the corner, if you want to hand out a great alternative to candy this year, head to the store right away to pick up some Trash Pack and Glitzi Globe collectibles today!

Find out more about these miniature hot toys by visiting TrashPack.com and GlitziGlobes.com as well as connecting with The Trash Pack on Facebook and Glitzi Globes on Facebook.

Other than the samples of Trash Pack and Glitzi Globes that I was provided, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This post is solely my honest opinions about these products.


Janet W. said...

This would be great to hand out to children and I think the kids would be excited to get it! They certainly get enough candy!