Monday, July 28, 2014

Move Over Summer, It's Back To School Time with Bright Star Kids Labels {Review & Coupon Code}

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With only one month of summer left and a rapidly-filling fall schedule, Big Sister E and Little Sister B are both thrilled that the school year is getting increasingly near.

Although they've both enjoyed the past few months of playing with friends, visiting with family, and all of the various activities and events that we have done, I think they're ready. Ready for backpacks, ready for notebooks, heck, they might even be ready for snow pants, that's just how ready they are to get to go to school.

So what does that mean for me? As well as having to keep track of when and where each child needs to be somewhere, I'm going to need to stay well-organized so that she shows up with the right supplies. Certain days they need particular shoes, other days they get to bring in an item to share, and of course there are the days that I send a pair of mittens off in hopes that they will both return home eventually.

For me, the best way to keep away the stress and anxiety of remembering everything and getting it packed up (while also trying not obsess over losing them) is to have each and every item well-labeled. I feel better knowing that if my daughters' names are on each item that they take or wear, that the chances of them getting lost are decreased tremendously.

Which is why right now is the perfect time to turn to Bright Star Kids for a huge selection of colorful, durable, high quality labels that every kid is sure to love!

school name labels

Established in 2005, Bright Star Kids offers their adorable and colorful name labels, wall art, clothing, accessories and more to customers across the globe — and consistently receive rave responses in return!

We absolutely loved checking out their personalized clothing in person and, with the arrival of their School Labels Value Kit, I knew that they would be just as high quality (and that Little Sister B would be completely prepared to start kindergarten off on the right foot)!

personalized name labels

Containing 10 Large Labels, 30 Small Labels, 10 Subject Labels, 80 Tiny Pencil Labels, 16 Large Round Labels, 16 Clear Covers and 30 Iron On Labels (that's more than 175 Labels in all!), this value pack is the perfect assortment of sizes and shapes to make identifying the rightful owner of nearly anything a quick and easy process.

Just as important as having enough labels, I'm thrilled that Little Sister B absolutely loves how they turned out! Of course that really shouldn't be a surprise, considering that she was able to customize each detail of them precisely how she wanted. With nine different color options, three fonts and approximately a zillion icons to pick from, the hardest part is narrowing them all down to one single favorite!


It was a no-brainer that Little Sister B wanted the bright magenta coloring and, after browsing through many of the adorable animals, flowers, foods, letters and more, it actually didn't take long before she pointed directly at the unicorn icon and declared it the one.

I adore that Bright Star Kids allows their customers to see a complete preview of their labels before ordering, so there is no worry that the color, text, font or icon won't be exactly right. There are just so many great options!

name label samples

As for use, Bright Star Kids Labels are just the thing for everything from markers to notebooks to backpacks to gear to clothes. The long-lasting, high quality adheres to almost any surface imaginable (this value kit has a combination of Iron-On Labels and Stick-On Labels) and will endure all weather conditions and whatever your child might put them through.

As the School Labels Value Kit offers just the right variety so that you are fully prepared for the first day of school (as well as having plenty of extras on hand for well into the rest of the academic year), I feel so much better knowing that Little Sister B's belongings and wardrobe are ready to go!

shoe name labels

Don't have a child heading to school this fall? Bright Star Kids has a ton of different options in personalized labels so that all sorts of things around your home, garage or office can be labeled, organized and ready to make life easier.

We were able to see the Speech Bubble Chalkboard Labels and the Heart Chalkboard Labels and oh my, these are adorable and fun!

reusable chalkboard labels

I love the idea of using these in the kitchen, to label craft supplies, for gift tags and so much more... and I'm definitely going to be using Bright Star Kids' idea of including these in my kids' lunches for changeable messages this fall!

chalkboard labels

No matter what needs labeling in your life, head over to Bright Star Kids to see their full collection of affordable Name Labels and just how many uses they will have for you!

Plus, the next time you are shopping for a birthday, holiday, baby shower, back to school gift, housewarming present or more, visit their website to find the unique, stylish option that you're sure to love (they even offer a 100% money back guarantee to remove any doubt).

Even better, now is the perfect time to shop as Bright Star Kids are having a storewide sale where all orders in the U.S. are 15% off and are shipped free!

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Find out much more about all of the great options available by visiting Bright Star Kids online as well as connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Other than the labels I was provided by Bright Star Kids in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about these products.


Cami said...

*Sigh* It is back to school time isn't it? These labels will be so great for the kids' school supplies. Thanks for the coupon code!

DesiredOne said...

I really need to get some of these for the kids at school. I also need some for around here.

Anonymous said...

this looks like it is great for organizing back to school products

slehan said...

Those chalk labels are really great. I like your daughter's unicorn in magenta.

slehan at juno dot com

sgumer said...

i love that you can customize the labels. there are so many types to choose from.