Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Complete the Story by Adding Sound to Your Photos with SocialCafe {App}

No matter what social media site you visit, it isn't hard to see that images get the most attention. Whether it is because our lives are too busy to spare the extra few seconds to read or, as a whole, we've just all jumped on the visual bandwagon, today's digital age is all photos, photos, photos (with a video thrown in now and again).

Besides, why post a text update when your pictures are what your friends and family really want to see anyway?

Suddenly the best of both worlds (plus more) is now right at your fingertips thanks to SocialCafe.

SocialCafe app logo

Debuting today, July 8th, in the App Store, SocialCafe is a fun, creative and FREE way for iOS photographers to tell the stories behind their photos (this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or later).

Even though we all want to share photos, that's not to say that a caption wouldn't help, right? Just a few words to explain that Johnny has been SO thrilled to visit this particular city or why it is SO exciting that little Sally swam the full length of the pool?

But now, with SocialCafe, Johnny or Sally can voice that caption themselves as this unique app lets users add up to five minutes of audio to any photo before sharing it on social media or by email!

This really couldn't be much easier, as it only takes a few taps for SocialCafe users to add context to their images through narration or other sound.

Can you imagine the increased amount of joy that your loved ones would get not only seeing your picture but hearing the background or excitement that goes with it?

Take beautiful family photos on the beach and add the sound of waves crashing or children giggling, or record the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd at a baseball game — SocialCafe brings the comprehensive story all together!

SocialCafe app steps

Wondering about privacy, safety and security? Of course you are!

SocialCafe ensures that all of your photos and audio files are only seen by you and those that you share them with thanks to Dropbox. As the leader in cloud storage with over 275 millions users, Dropbox provides privacy, control and reliability of storing enhanced photo memories — so no worries about anyone having public access.

Instead, SocialCafe keeps your precious memories forever safe in your private account and lets you decide when (and with whom) to share. It's just one click to send to Twitter, Facebook or email by sending friends and family a unique link to your photo!

For instance, it only took a few taps for me to select my picture within the SocialCafe app...

photo app

 ...add a few seconds of audio explaining that Little Sister B had decided that painting on the sidewalk wasn't nearly as fun as giving herself "Princess Elsa gloves," and save it to my Dropbox account.

Then I simply selected which of my lucky family members would receive this update and emailed it off to them! They then received a message right up in their inbox stating, "I wanted to share a new picture I posted to the SocialCafe. Click on the link to see a larger image and hear some audio I recorded."

And, voilĂ !

princess elsa gloves

How adorable is it that they were then able to see the (messy) fun that we were having while also having a short explanation for it? Alternatively, if I had had the SocialCafe app when I took the photo, I could have had Little Sister B record her own audio for an even cuter result!

While 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' SocialCafe puts users directly in control of their memories — capturing, captioning, sharing, saving and organizing — with up to five minutes of audio, safe storage on Dropbox and sharing through Facebook, Twitter or email. You've got to try this!

Find out more by connecting with SocialCafe on Facebook and Twitter and head over to the App Store today to download this innovative app to try it out for yourself!

I was provided with a free app download and compensated for my time in writing this review, however, all thoughts and opinions shared are honest and my own.


slehan said...

Looks interesting. Love her Elsa gloves.

slehan at juno dot com

Cami said...

What a great tool! Then I could remember what was going on in the photos.