Monday, April 21, 2014

Bright Star Kids: Personalized Clothing, Name Labels, Wall Art & More for Kids {Review}

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When trying to remember life before the internet, all I can think of is that it must have been pretty boring.

As well as having to go to the library to look up information in an encyclopedia or physically go to every store to make a purchase, no world wide web would have meant no knowledge of amazing, unique shops and sites from across the globe.

Thankfully, today's technology allows people like me to have access to the innovative, creative, beautiful eye-catching items found on the opposite side of the earth in sunny Australia from Bright Star Kids.

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Established in 2005, Bright Star Kids offers their adorable and colorful name labels, wall art, clothing, accessories and more to customers across the globe — and consistently receive rave responses in return!

Need labels to keep your kids' clothing, lunch boxes, school supplies, shoes and more from going missing? Bright Star Kids has over 100 incredibly cute icons to go along with your choice of colors and personalization as well as the cutest bag tags for ensuring possessions make their way home!

Or maybe you love decorating your child's room but know that their tastes will change as they age? Then check out Bright Star Kids' collection of wall art, with all sorts of eye-catching wall stickers, letters, height charts, canvas art and more that are not only attractive, but easily removable!

However, as both of my girls absolutely adore being able to personalize their own clothing, I wasn't surprised when Big Sister E and Little Sister B oohed and aahed over the wide variety of designs and styles offered by Bright Star Kids. They were nearly jumping for joy at getting to pick their favorites and took a great deal of time debating the merits of one sweet option after the next!

personalized kids clothing

When, only a short time later, their completed shirts arrived and were exactly as they had selected, the excitement was full force!

Bright Star Kids review
Their full names are on the shirts, of course, and the lettering is perfectly centered and superb looking!

While I'm not a stranger to printed clothing, even I was immediately impressed with the quality and durability that is evident from these shirts. As opposed to shirts where the design feels like stiff plastic or vinyl and is sure to chip or peel off after a wash or two, Bright Star Kids prints directly on their garments and the results are truly great.

The soft feeling, the vibrant coloring, the lush 100% organic cotton... it really is no wonder that the girls were instantly in love with their Fluffy Bunny Clothing and Grizzly Bear Clothing!

custom children's shirts

From the the attention to detail to the luxurious feeling of the shirts themselves, I have no doubt that these personalized t-shirts will last for quite some time.

In fact, they have already been worn and washed, worn and washed, multiple times and the only result has been endless comments and compliments, along with continued looks of pride from the girls as they show these off!

personalized children's clothing

With clothing options including bibs, onesies, tank tops, various shirts (we selected the Plain Shirt for Big Sister E and the Puff Shirt, which has a little more of a girly cut and sleeves, for Little Sister B) and more ranging from $12.95 - $29.95, you're sure to find the adorable personalized children's item to wow the kid(s) in your life at Bright Star Kids.

The next time you are shopping for a birthday, holiday, baby shower, back to school gift, housewarming present or more, head over to their website to find the unique, affordable option that you're sure to love (they even offer a 100% money back guarantee to remove any doubt)!

Find out much more about all of the great options available by visiting Bright Star Kids online as well as connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Other than the two shirts I was provided by Bright Star Kids in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about these products.


Karen Glatt said...

This is so cute. My niece would love to put her name on a shirt! She can pick and animal and put her name on her shirt. They are really cute!

Unknown said...

I love this, I would go wild personalizing shirts and onesies and bibs, hats, socks, etc. Thank you for sharing this great post.

Unknown said...

I love this, I would go wild personalizing shirts and onesies and bibs, hats, socks, etc. Thank you for sharing this great post.

slehan said...

It's send the kids to camp time soon. They make some cute labels.

slehan at juno dot com

sgumer said...

that is cool that you can customize it a little and it is 100% organic cotton. it must be super soft too.

Anonymous said...

labels and things like this are great! less things get lost.

rj7777 said...

Very cute kids and the clothes are cute on them. I love the train on the wall. My 3 year old grandson would love that. Thanks for the great review and will keep this in mind!

Shannon said...

What cute kids and those clothes are just so adorable. Thank you for your review!