Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Never Run Out of Coffee with the Cross Country Cafe Subscribe and Save Program and Coffee of the Month Club!

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While perusing the Cross Country Cafe blog recently (did you know that they have a blog? You'll find all sorts of recipes, reviews, information, coupons and more!) I came across a 'coffee quote' that got right to the point:

Forget love quote

For anyone else who is a coffee addict, you know the feeling! It's not to say that we don't love our families and friends and more, but the idea of starting the day without coffee, well, that's just nonsense.

Which is why just thinking about running out of coffee sends a shiver down my spine. Reaching into my cupboard and not finding a K-cup ready to pop into my Keurig? No. Just... no.

Therefore, to ensure that situation never, ever occurs, just make life easier (and more affordable) with the Cross Country Cafe Subscribe and Save Auto Ship Program!

Cross Country Cafe Subscibe and Save

This really couldn't be much more simple!

Visit Cross Country Cafe and select your favorite K-cup coffee (which is actually a little difficult considering that they have so many amazing and delicious options). Then, when placing your order, choose the auto ship option for your desired number of boxes.

coffee savings

Did you catch that extra savings? Not only will your favorite Keurig K-cup coffee be delivered right to your door every month, when you 'Subscribe and Save' you save 5%! No hassle of reordering, no wondering how many K-cups are left in the box, your credit card will automatically be charged when your first shipment is sent 30 days after your initial order.

We're talking easy, convenient, hassle-free, money-saving coffee awesomeness! There is no fee and users can change the number of boxes that they have ordered, suspend their deliveries if they choose or even cancel at any time.

If you don't think that you could only have one brand of K-cup in the future, Cross Country Cafe makes it a snap to still take advantage of this discount by joining the Coffee of the Month Club. Just choose from Traditional or Flavored coffee and you'll be set to receive two boxes (48-count total) of hand selected, top-selling K-cups!

Keurig coffee of the month

Whether you are looking for a way to remove an item from your to-do list (and ensure that you never run out of your favorite K-cups) or simply want to provide a good friend or family member with an amazing gift, head over to Cross Country Cafe to find out more about their Subscribe and Save program and Coffee of the Month Club!

As a Cross Country Cafe Ambassador, I have been provided with products in exchange for my continued work with their company and affiliate links are included in the above post. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


JewelWood said...

I have gotten K-Cups from this site and they have tons of great deals. I need to take advantage of this deal!!

kymom13 said...

There is NOTHING better than's great for any kind of weather and always makes a good day better or a bad day the best! I've never used K-Cups but someday I hope so...maybe if I can get that Icoffee Opus....