Friday, August 7, 2015

Back To School in Style with FabKids Clothing and Shoes {#FabKidsBackToSchool}

Although it felt as though summer would never arrive, here we are suddenly partway into August and knee-deep in preparations for heading back to school. How does time fly by so quickly?

As usual, my kids seem to have outgrown just about all of the clothing and shoes in their closets and, instead of focusing on backpacks, pencils and folders for school, we're making sure that pants don't stop at their ankles and shirts haven't magically turned into midriff-baring crop tops.

Fortunately, even if I end up pulling out piles to donate or give to friends, I still know that we'll be able to have plenty of colorful, comfortable, stylishly fun apparel and shoe options waiting to replace them thanks to the perfect-for-fall high quality apparel available from FabKids.

FabKids back to school

We were thrilled to join the FabKids team earlier this year and still love the way that FabKids not only puts their pieces into complete outfits, but sells them as such.

Once you have taken the Style Quiz for your child, they utilize your child's personality to customize and suggest the outfits that they believe will be liked best. It's like having your own personal shopper right there online and you never have to worry about purchasing individual items that may end up not coordinating.

Without a doubt, Little Sister B has been rocking her new warm weather looks the past few months (and relishing in the compliments and comments she has received each time). Therefore, when it comes to preparing for back-to-school, we couldn't wait to see the colors, styles and fashions that were being introduced and will be perfect for fall.

When the Star Stripe Outfit arrived, it was even better than we had hoped!

FabKids clothing

A fun blend of colors, patterns and sequins, the Shining Star and Ruffle Dress has the look of a long sleeve top being worn with a skirt when it is in fact all one piece. Add to it FabKids' amazing Fab Soft Legging and the whole thing comes together in such a fun, adorable way!

As usual, Little Sister B couldn't wait to try on her new FabKids clothing and I was thrilled to see that, once she did, it was just a bit big on her (as I had ordered). She will be all set to wear this sparkly, age-appropriate, comfortable-yet-chic outfit long throughout the fall and winter!

FabKids back to school clothing

We've always been impressed with the details of FabKids clothing and the way that they ensure that every cut, seam or button is sewed just right.

In the case of this Star Stripe Outfit, they had once again used high quality fabrics that come together in a durable, well-made, will-withstand-what-kids-put-their-clothing-through type of way. Down to every sequin and ruffle, this dress and leggings are just exactly what my little girl loves to wear and what I look for in pieces that are fashionable, comfortable and kid-perfect!

FabKids review

Once again FabKids has shown that they are the place to go for kids that love fashion and for parents that love quality, style and comfort year-round but especially during this busy back-to-school shopping time.

In fact, FabKids is making shopping even more affordable this season thanks to their School Deals Under $20 for VIP Members going on this month. Now is the time to stock up and save when you can find:
  • Dresses from $15
  • Girls tops & tees from $10
  • Leggings, 3 for $19
  • Tutus from $8
  • Sneakers from $19
  • Boys tops & tees from $6
To find out more about FabKids and the ways that they can effortlessly style the children in your life from head to toe this fall and beyond, visit their website at and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. It's time to make back-to-school shopping fun!

FabKids fall clothing

Other than the Star Stripe Outfit that we received from FabKids in order to facilitate this review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this site and their products.


freddie said...

I love your little girl's outfit. Their clothes look and sound wonderful. The prices are pretty reasonable too. I know my grandchildren would love wearing their clothes to school.

slehan said...

Wish I'd had something like this 40 years ago. Very handy. So cute on your daughter.

slehan at juno dot com

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

I've never bought anything from them before, but it looks like they've got some really great outfits!