Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Collapsible, Portable Fun for Kids Everywhere: Packable Pails {Review & Giveaway — 2 winners!}

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With the start of the next school year already in sight, my family is looking forward to giving summer a proper sendoff with our upcoming beach vacation. The sun, the sand, the ability to alternate between relaxing on a lounge chair and splashing around with my kids in the water... nothing beats the beach!

Even better, from an early age both of my girls have loved the water and have a great time swimming and playing around in the waves. Unlike so many other activities, they stay very content when running in and out of the water, digging monstrous holes, building sandcastles, collecting seashells or more. All that is required is a bucket and a shovel and they are just as happy as I am!

But... that's all fine when we are visiting family who have those buckets and shovels to lend or are staying in a rental home or resort that have a shelf of beach necessities. But if not? Then what? Take up half the suitcase trying to stuff clothing into a bucket that is then (maybe) crammed in? Hope for a store within walking distance of your hotel that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for beach toys?

Nah. That's all a thing of the past now that there is a much easier solution: Packable Pails!

Packable Pails

Full sized collapsible beach pails available in four vibrant colors, Packable Pails are the new must-have beach accessory for families everywhere. Why spend money on items that you're going to leave behind when your vacation ends when you can bring along this versatile, unique award-winning pail instead?

From the moment I was introduced to Packable Pails, there was no doubt in my mind that the concept was genius. These great pails can be used at home in the sandbox, to collect Easter eggs or to hunt down interesting rocks and then fold down in a snap for easy storage. And, as mentioned, when traveling they're a must due to only taking up a few inches of space!

I had to see them in person to see if they were truly as brilliant as I thought!

Packable Pails review

Right out of the packaging and the answer was a resounding YES, these were just as incredible as I had hoped.

When condensed, Packable Pails only measure about 2" high (two stack together to only 3" high!), which is easily laid at the bottom of a suitcase, tucked into a beach bag or simply stowed under the seat of the car.

foldable beach bucket

But then, voilà!

Any child can easily hold onto the rim with one hand and push down on the bottom of the pail with the other...

Packable Pails pink

...while simultaneously being amazed that a full sized bucket then appears.

How incredibly cool is it to be able to pop open your pail when you reach the beach?!

Packable Pails beach buckets

Big Sister E and Little Sister B have been enthralled with their Packable Pails ever since they arrived and can't wait to bring them on our upcoming vacation.

For now, however, they have put them to use in a wide variety of places around our home and at nearby locations and have had a blast — there just isn't a place that these pails can't go!

Packable Pails reviews

When it's time to leave, of course, packing up our Packable Pails has been just as easy. Flip them over and gently press on the bottom (and tuck in any folds that need straightening) and it all condenses right back into its flattened state. I love not needing to devote a large portion of a bag to carrying extra bulk!

portable beach bucket

Whether filled with sand, water, rocks, food (these are food safe and great for toting snacks), seashells, dirt, other toys, utilized as a reusable gift container or many, many more, Packable Pails are the one-of-a-kind beach bucket that save time, money and hassle at home or on vacation!

Packable Pails retail for $14.99 and are available now at and in retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. You can also stay up-to-date on what is going on with this innovative company by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Plus, thanks to the generosity of Packable Pails, two people will soon be fully prepared to head on their next trip to the beach without a worry about how to bring along the most iconic beach toy ever, because...

Two lucky people will win a Packable Pails gift set*!

Packable Pails giveaway
*Gift set contains (1) Packable Pail in winner's choice of color, (1) shovel and (1) reusable tote bag. 

A big thank you to Packable Pails for providing two pails and shovels for me to review as well as a gift set for two lucky giveaway winners. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


maryannhaley said...

I love Packable Pails...........I just gave one to my friend at the nursing home...I filled a pink one with flowers from my garden............I gave one to my neighbor's daughter to pack in her suitcase and take to the beaches in Europe.......... I just gave another one to my neighbor to give to her granddaughter for a dorm bucket for Packable Pail is filled with ice right now and a well deserved bottle of wine........