Thursday, August 13, 2015

Becoming a Master Woodchuck with the Numb Chucks: Chuck Fu {App}

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I am a Numb Chucks Blogger Ambassador. This post is part of a sponsored campaign and I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are honest and my own.

Although I encourage my children to play with games and toys that are educational and promote learning, I also know that there is nothing wrong with plain old fun sometimes. Who among us can't claim to enjoy being able to just kick back and partake in something mainly for the entertainment value?

Therefore, when I was introduced to two well-intentioned, but incompetent woodchuck brothers that have leapt from the television screen into a humorous new app, I had no doubt that my kids would have a great time laughing and giggling and having fun with the Numb Chucks: Chuck Fu app.


An animated series that originated in Canada, Numb Chucks is targeted at children ages 6-11 and features the woodchuck brothers Dillweed and Fungus. The series premiered in the U.S. earlier this year on Cartoon Network's Boomerang so now kids here coast to coast can cheer on these lovable woodchucks as they attempt to use Kung Fu to protect their hometown from criminals.

Numb Chucks Woodchuck MorrisEven though we have yet to catch the comedy on television, my kids have had no problem diving into Numb Chucks: Chuck Fu and playing the role of Dillweed and Fungus as they train to be like their hero, Woodchuck Morris!

This FREE app (available on iTunes and Google Play) includes eight of the steps in the "12-step Way of the Chuck training program" that will help players achieve the ultimate in Kung Fu (an expansion pack can be purchased for $2.99 for the additional four games). Players are even able to challenge their friends to see who gets the most points!

The more the levels are played, the more difficult and faster they become. Combine that with the way that Numb Chucks: Chuck Fu plays the games in a random order and your skills are continually tested to see if "missions" can be completed before time runs out.

Whether you are playing Grandma's Groceries and are challenged to swipe the groceries across the screen and into Grandma's grocery bag...

Numb Chucks Grandma's Groceries

...or are paying close attention during Baby Nom Nom to make sure that you cut up actual foods to turn into baby food and don't try to swipe things like bowling balls and pins...

Numb Chucks Baby Nom Nom

...or are testing your dexterity during Trim the Hedges to make sure that you stay within the path without touching the edges...

Numb Chucks Trim the Hedges always feels good to complete the mission and get positive reinforcement from Woodchuck Morris himself!

Numb Chucks mini games

At the end of each mini game, players who have passed the mission are presented with a screen showing their score and an arrow to move on.

Those that did not pass their mission, however, are given the opportunity to use one of their "redo coins" that allow them to redo the same challenge.

Numb Chucks Chuck Fu

In all, this app is a lot of fun for kids to continue to be challenged to get higher scores and complete more missions. Both Big Sister E and Little Sister B have loved returning to Numb Chucks: Chuck Fu and continue to giggle and cheer as they move through the games.

Numb Chucks Chuck Fu app

To extend the fun even further, we have also downloaded the four additional mini games that are available to purchase within the app (players are also able to purchase more redo coins in packs ranging from 99¢ to $19.99). Adding in Chuck Fu Focus, Channel Chuck, Tree Chop Chop and Sixth Sensei has only extended the entertainment!

A word of warning, however. The more you play, the better you will become and you'll find yourself returning to visit your Chuck Fu training time and time again... I've found myself a little addicted to trying just one more time to complete another mission (and crossing my fingers that my favorite, Chuck Fu Balance, is the game that is randomly chosen next). I guess I'm just a kid at heart when it comes to Chuck Fu!

Chuck Fu Balance

Available now for free from the App Store and Google Play, Numb Chucks: Chuck Fu can be played anytime and is perfect for pulling out when waiting for appointments or to pass a short amount of time.

More information can be found by visiting the Numb Chucks Canadian website and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+.


slehan said...

That looks fun and addictive. Your daughters seem to like it.

slehan at juno dot com

James Robert said...

I could see my kids liking this app. Never heard of it before now so glad you shared and it is free.