Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freschetta Pizza {Review} Yum!

Freschetta logoOver 120 years ago, modern pizza as we know it was invented. Can you believe it? On the one hand, that's a really, really long time ago. On the other... what the heck did they do before then? When they were out of ideas as to what to feed their family or just wanted a meal that was known for being one that absolutely everybody enjoyed, what did they reach for?

Fortunately for us, this past century has brought along so many pizza advancements that there is now a crust and topping to suit almost everyone's tastes. And as much as my family enjoys getting pizza delivered, we are big fans of being able to pull out a tasty frozen one and pop it in the oven whenever our hunger desires. The only problem? Debating over which one to try next, particularly when brands like Freschetta make so many yummy varieties.

With everything from Freschetta FlatBread to Naturally Rising to Brick Oven, there are not only toppings to please everyone, but the crust and style as well. Plus, cooking up one of Freschetta's delicious frozen pizzas couldn't be easier. Simply preheat, bake and enjoy - I think the hardest part is waiting for it to cool off.

We tried Freschetta's Naturally Rising 4-Cheese and their Brick Oven 5 Italian Cheese pizzas (yes, we go for the excitement of cheese around here) and neither one disappointed.

I'm a big fan of thick crusts and the Naturally Rising had one that was thick and soft with just the right amount of spices and flavoring. I was impressed at just how much the crust on this pizza really did rise and the generous amount of cheese that was dripping off of it.

I wasn't expecting to be a fan of Freschetta's Brick Oven style pizzas, simply because usually I don't like a thin crust. However, the 5 Italian Cheese may now be one of my favorite frozen pizzas - the crispy, yet soft crust and the blend of cheeses was just right and the flavors all melted in my mouth enough that I couldn't help but go back for seconds... and possibly thirds...

And I was not the only one enjoying Freschetta's tasty pizza options:

Trying out Freschetta's pizzas were definitely successful all around. My daughters as well as my husband and I were all happy with the taste - Big Sister E even commented, "This pizza is GOOD, Mommy" as she ate. For me, there's no better endorsement and I'm sure Freschetta will have a place on our dinner table again soon!

Never tried Freschetta? Or a loyal fan? Head over to print off a coupon to save $1 on your next pizza purchase and start enjoying your pizza today!

I was compensated and provided with coupons from Freschetta in exchange for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Anonymous said...

We tried the flatbreads and they were great....we are fans of Freshetta. The girls are darling:) said...

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Clueless_Mama said...

I love Freschetta Pizza! I am the opposite of you, I love thin crust. My kids dug into it just like your girls:) They are precious!

Mandee said...

Love the pics of the girls too...cute as always! :)

Betsy Henry said...

I've never tried Freschetta. It looks really good!! Esp. the naturally rising one.

Ally said...

man if i wasn't on this no carb diet, i'd be all over that. looks yummy!

Emily faliLV said...

YUMMO!! Freschetta rocks! Your girls are sure enjoying it too!!