Monday, June 14, 2010

HearthSong Cosmic Slide {Review}

At the beginning of this year, I was able to do a review on an item that has remained one of my daughters' all-time favorite toys: the Great Big Outdoor Playball from HearthSong. We've easily put up with the fact that it's difficult to move a 52" diameter ball through doorways because of just how much fun it has proved to be for our entire family and our friends.

So, I was under the impression that what I wrote about HearthSong and how blown away we were by the GBOP couldn't really be duplicated. But apparently they decided to prove me wrong by sending over the coolest summer entertainment ever. Playing outdoors will never be the same now that we have HearthSong's Cosmic Slide.

Big enough that it truly turned our yard into Big Sister E's personal water park but yet small enough that she was able to manage climbing up and sliding down all on her own, HearthSong's Cosmic Slide has the ability to keep her happy and occupied pretty much endlessly. An inflatable water slide? How can you go wrong?

Right out of the box, this slide was inflated in minutes using our HearthSong Electric Pump on the four air chambers (the main center section, two sides and landing pad at the bottom). Moving the entire thing over to the grass, it only took another minute to fill the two water compartments that completely stabilize the entire thing.

Using the provided attachment, I was able to hook our hose directly to the side of the Cosmic Slide to turn it into an incredibly fun water slide. The constant spray not only enthralled Big Sister E every time she went through it, but it made it so that she could continually glide right down - laughing the entire way.

I was initially concerned that she would have a difficult time climbing up due to the plastic slide being wet and slippery, but the built-in handles solved that problem easily. No sooner had Big Sister E realized that they were there, she grabbed on, pulled herself right up and the squeals of excitement filled the air.

The inflatable sides really did their job of keeping her from slipping right off the edge. She just zipped right down the middle!

If we had a swimming pool, I imagine that the Cosmic Slide would be a pretty permanent fixture for sliding and splashing in all summer long. I think the cushion at the end of the slide would be a great way to provide not only safety from the pool's edge, but a way to make it so that kids don't drop straight down into the water. In the yard, it is already doing a wonderful job of providing padding on the grass and a perfect transition from the angle of the slide onto the ground.

With a weight limit of 170 pounds and retailing for $99, the Cosmic Slide is another of HearthSong's incredible items that more than just kids can enjoy. We have put this through pretty rigorous "testing" already and it has shown absolutely no signs of damage or leaking. With the ease of inflating and deflating, I'm sure it will be seeing even more use as the summer rolls on and the hot weather is here to stay.

If you've never visited HearthSong before, you're missing out. Their slogan, Toys You'll Feel Good About Giving, is fully achieved with their commitment to providing educational, entertaining, high-quality playthings. Once you begin browsing their huge selection, it's hard to narrow down which are your favorites. But no matter what you choose, they completely guarantee your satisfaction and will always work to ensure their customers' happiness.

Around here, that happiness has definitely already been achieved. Thanks, HearthSong.

(Other than the Cosmic Slide that I was sent by HearthSong, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and this amazing product.)


josie said...

the kids are cute to look at jumping in the pool. btw I'm your new follower from FMBT, happy Tuesday!
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Liz Mays said...

That looks like SO much fun!

Mandee said...

How fun!
We love Hearthsong and actually have several of their products here. They do make great quality products! We'll have to look into getting a slide now! :)

LeeAnn said...

You just made me add something else to my wish list! That looks like so much fun! R would love it too! (And I would probably have fun sliding into the pool...)