Friday, June 18, 2010


I wish everyone could win an ionator HOM from Activeion, it is such an amazing thing to own! Ours has a somewhat permanent home on the kitchen counter because why put it away when I'm just going to move from there to the rest of the house with it? Being able to clean and sanitize with just tap water means my family can be protected from the bacteria and viruses without anything harmful on our table, toys, counters and more. Remember, you can take advantage of the coupon code mailcarrier2 to receive $20 off until the end of June!

The very lucky person who will be able to keep their home and family safe with this incredible technology is...

Congratulations, Edyta!

Reading about what makes your mornings hectic made me think that my life is just going to get crazier as my daughters get older... I'm not sure what things are going to be like when I have to get them up and ready for school if things are already busy while they're still this young! Thanks to Scrubbing Bubbles, the lucky person who will get to Minimize Morning Madness is...

Congratulations, susan1215!

Only days after posting my Burn Cream MD review, my husband managed to touch his hand to the hot iron (not a huge surprise). I pulled this cream out of the kitchen drawer and he rubbed it right in and then... was standing there looking at his hand. "Does it hurt?" I asked. "No. That stuff really works!" Well, of course it does. Did he think that Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse were wrong?

The lucky person who will be prepared to shorten the healing time and minimize scarring from any burns this summer is...

Congratulations, skgaff!

As always, thanks to everyone who entered these giveaways. Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


Mandee said...

Congrats skgaff! You are one lucky person! :)