Friday, February 18, 2011

Dinosaur Train Pajamas {Review}

There are some days that my husband gets home from work, takes a look at me and the kids, and shakes his head at the fact that we're still in our pajamas. But if we're not going anywhere, why would I get out of my comfortable pj's?

And I'm not the only one who thinks that way around here. Given the opportunity, I'm pretty sure that Big Sister E and Little Sister B would happily change from pajamas to pajamas without ever putting on actual clothing. Pj's are just so snuggly warm and cozy that why wouldn't they?

The only way to make the girls' flannels and fleeces a little more exciting is when they feature something or someone that they love. Whether a character or a dessert, the first pairs pulled out of their drawers are those that are a little extra special.

So you can imagine the excitement for Little Sister B when these showed up:

Extra soft, brightly-colored and featuring the beloved Buddy, these Dinosaur Train pajamas caught my daughter's eye right out of the package. With the combination of the blue stripes, orange collar and the large, smiling dinosaurs on the feet, how could she not be intrigued?

After running her hands along them and checking out the dinosaur "patches," Little Sister B's big grin told me that she approved.

All that remained was trying them on, of course!

I did select these in a size larger than she usually wears (due to her outgrowing items left and right lately) but even though these were slightly too long, she was still thrilled. They are just so comfortable and fun! And, for me, knowing that she is warm and cozy during the cold winter nights while wearing something high quality that she loves is a major bonus... and makes it even easier to let her hang out in them during the day as well.

Due to the extreme popularity of Dinosaur Train and these adorable pajamas, they are currently sold out from Kohl's. However, there is a second Dinosaur Train Pajama Set available from the same apparel company that is also very cute:

How fun! If you have a Dinosaur Train fan in your life, these are a great way to incorporate a prehistoric style into bedtime!

(Other than the Dinosaur Train pajamas that I was provided, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this apparel and its cuteness.)


Kat said...

I LOVE these. And we are watching the Dinosaur Train at this very moment!!! Its one of my favorites that Mr. T watches.