Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Note: Don't Leave Home Without Lands' End Coupons

We joke around here that Big Sister E wears only brown pants.

I'm not sure how it happened, but it seems that she has ended up with many more pairs of brown pants than any other color. Is brown really all that popular for girls' pants?

Apparently it is.

So recently when she and my husband were out gallivanting around town, I assumed that they were having lunch or running errands or whatever else they seem to find to do. But when they arrived home and Big Sister E came happily running in the door holding a shopping bag, the last thing I expected to do was have this conversation...

"Where did you go?"

Lands' End.

"Lands' End? Did you bring a coupon? You know that if you go there you should always bring Lands' End coupons."

No, we just happened to stop there.

(Shakes head in disapproval)

"Well..." I turned to Big Sister E, "What did you get?"

Incredulously, looking at my husband, "Why would you get BROWN? Didn't they have any other colors? You KNOW how many pairs of brown pants she already has, RIGHT?"

Apparently they didn't have any other colors... or at least any other colors that were on sale as cheap as the brown. So at least I know that he was just trying to get the best deal...

Even if it does mean that my daughter is going to be wearing nothing but brown pants from now until she's 14.


Randi said...

I find this especially funny since I was just telling my husband the other day that our youngest has almost all brown pants. I had just bought another pair, and in the store they looked black, but upon getting them into the sunlight I could clearly see they were a very dark brown. Blah! I joked with DH that it's a good thing she's so cute, I wouldn't ever be able to pull off that many pairs of brown pants. lol

Randi said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm my goodness how funny. The funny thing is Zoe has tons of jeans, but for pants almost every single pair is pink. She insists on pink everytime!

Unknown said...

I have been a follower but thought i'd stop by from welcome wednesday! Hope you stop by my blog :)

also, LOVE lands end!!!

doreen said...

I go through phases like that in my own wardrobe. Right now it seems like everything is black and when I went shopping last week I got black pants and a black and white shirt. (a very good deal).
I am visiting and following from I love my online friends:)

Anonymous said...

Brown seems to be very "in" right now. The other day I was in a store looking at the kids clothes and they had racks of brown with pink, brown with blue, and brown with green outfits. My daughter has quite a bit of brown too. :)

Dena said...

Brown is definitely the new black! (Okay, I could be wrong because I am NOT a fashionista, but it's definitely very in these days.) I love wearing brown. It's as basic as black, but so much warmer. I feel more approachable and cosier in brown than I do in black.