Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shirts That Go! {Review}

ShirtsThatGoDue to her active, rambunctious, must-climb-up-on-everything-only-to-then-take-a-flying-leap-down-off-of-it personality, my husband calls Little Sister B "The boy we never had." She's my curious, energetic, go-getter, what can I say?

Ironically, even though Big Sister E is much more calm and laid back and I guess fits more of the traditional stereotypes for a girl, she's the one that I can barely force into a dress or a skirt unless I really, really have to (and am looking for an argument). When it comes to her clothes, she likes comfortable, cozy things that she can hang out and relax in... and I can't blame her for that.

Along with that, if you asked Big Sister E to name her favorite things, the list probably wouldn't include dolls and princesses and tea parties (at least not until near the bottom of the list). She would talk about cars and trucks and dinosaurs and all things that are big and loud and typically boyish.

What do I say? I say good for her! There's no reason that girls shouldn't be encouraged to dig in the dirt or marvel at a bulldozer working or get excited at a helicopter flying by just as much as boys. And what better way to combine that love of fire engines, trains, motorcycles and more than with a colorful and soft way to display it with Shirts that Go!

kids truck shirtsInspired by the way that children are amazed and captivated with the ground shaking when a train passes by or the flashing lights and sirens from a fire truck speeding past, Shirts that Go! provides more than just a simple shirt with a small, plain design.

Instead, these images are vivid, bright, realistic, extremely detailed... and just really, really cool. They've managed to contain the sense of wonder, energy and imagination that kids have for moving vehicles and display it in a unique and exciting way. I have to admit, I kind of want to order the Blue Fire Truck Shirt for myself just because it looks like so much fun to wear!

kids fire truck shirtHowever, as Big Sister E browsed's large selection, as soon as we stumbled onto one of their newest releases, the Ice Cream Truck Shirt, she was sold. Eagerly awaiting its arrival, when the really cool box arrived (it features their Red Fire Truck Shirt design emblazoned across it) and we lifted the lid, her eyes lit up.

kids ice cream truck shirtWhat is it about ice cream trucks that are a little bit magical? It's not like we don't have far too many treats in our freezer already, why do they just taste so much better when they are chased down in the street and accompanied by that twinkling melody that rings loud and clear?

Regardless, Big Sister E pulled her shirt right out of the box and couldn't wait to get it on.
ice cream truck shirtTaking up the entire front of the shirt, this design has made my daughter smile ever since that first day. As it is printed on an American Apparel tee (known for their high quality and 100% cotton that is extra-soft), it is extremely comfortable and has stayed vivid and colorful throughout the times that it has been washed.

And the ice cream truck! From the cheery driver to the music notes to every small detail of the truck, children and yummy treats coming out the window, I'm pretty sure that I see a new aspect or part of the image each time I see her wearing this.

unique kids shirtsWhat kid wouldn't be excited to show this off? It's a far cry from the flowers and butterflies that we usually find on girls' shirts or the cutesy cartoon trains or safari animals that we see for boys. Instead, Shirts that Go! is just a great way to showcase something distinctive and one-of-a-kind... whether that be a cool pirate ship shirt, garbage truck shirt, electric train shirt or many more.

Retailing for $16.99 for short sleeves and $4 more for long sleeves, when you order from, you'll not only receive FREE shippingtrain coloring sheet but a discount that increases with the more shirts that you order. What a great idea for goodie bags for a firefighter-, train- or truck-themed birthday party... you can even print out matching coloring pages right off of their website and you're set to go!

For any child that loves the wonders and thrills of the large vehicles in our world, Shirts that Go! has a high quality option that they are sure to treasure. You'll not only want to check out this family-owned business on their website, but be sure to keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

(Other than the Ice Cream Truck Shirt that I was provided by Shirts that Go!, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this shirt and this company.)


FabGrandma said...

Very cute shirt. I can see why she likes it. I got here from the blog hop, and followed you.

Jackie said...

These shirts are really cute! Love the ice cream truck shirt!

Unknown said...

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Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Sooo awesome! I want a shirt like that LOL!

I found you through the blog hop. I'm following :)

Dena said...

My daughter, now 9, is too "mature" to like "boyish" things. But there was a time when she would shout out with delight "A CRANE!" every single time we passed one, and this little peanut (about 3 at the time) sat on our front little garden wall in her beloved skirt and frills, pudgy legs crossed, ENTRANCED as she watched the carnival put up their ferris wheel across the road. For hours. And hours. In fact, as a not-yet-2 year old, we thought she'd made up a "Daddy" song only to discover that she was singing Bob the Builder and HAD TO HAVE a BtB construction hat. *sigh* Miss those sweet days of gender-role-free joy!

Anonymous said...

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Nichol said...

She is rockin' that shirt! Shirt That Go truly have amazing shirts and Zoe has informed me that she wants the "cool" ice cream truck shirt for her birthday. I love it.