Saturday, February 12, 2011

LillyMae Bags: The Fanny Pack and Purse in One {Review}

LillyMae Bags logoBefore Big Sister E was born, I can remember shopping for diaper bags and loving the ability to see all of the space and features that each one had. Heck, some of those things were big enough that I wondered if I could forgo getting a stroller and just stick my baby right in with the diapers and wipes.

Fast-forward 4+ years later and even though I still love to see the chic designs and innovative new additions to the diaper bag world, they are just about the farthest thing from what I want to carry.

I don't want (or need) something large and bulky weighing down on my shoulder; I want to have my keys, phone and wallet with me and pretty much nothing else. As that all is a little too much to stuff into a pocket (assuming I have a pocket), I need something small and convenient... and it wouldn't hurt if it was cute, too.

All of which is found in the stylish and clever LillyMae Bags.

LillyMae BagsThe LillyMae Bag is the younger, hipper, trendier, more versatile and all-around better-looking granddaughter of the fanny pack. But not only can you clip it around your waist, it can also be worn as a purse - and request its extra long strap and you can wear this as a cross-body bag as well.

Originally designed to help women on the go carry their phone and other basics, the Basic Black LillyMae Bag is great for men and the overall small size of these bags are perfect for children and teens as well. Simply clip one around your waist or throw it over your shoulder and you're ready to shop, exercise, work, travel and much more.

When the Blue/Brown LillyMae Bag arrived, I was excited to see how easy it would be to go hands-free with such a compact and fashionable accessory.

Measuring 6¼" x 4" this truly is a fanny pack and purse in one. The strap is easily adjustable by simply pulling on the tab and I had no problem fitting it to wear around my waist (with use of the easy-open clasp), over my shoulder or across my body.
And the size is perfect! I dropped my keys, phone, money and a few cards inside and, as well as staying organized with the two inner pockets, suddenly I didn't have to have a large bag or purse with me when running errands. There was even room leftover!

With the smart addition of the eyelet on one side, the LillyMae Bag has also proven to be just the thing for carrying around an mp3 player, as the headphones go right through the slot. This makes it a perfect bag for working out because not only can you keep your ID and keys safely inside, but your music is easily accessible while staying out of the way.

Whether you're looking to downsize from lugging around a large purse or you just need a quick and convenient option to grab when you're heading out to walk the dog or hit up a garage sale, the LillyMae Bag is just the thing! Retailing for $16 (or slightly more for the styles with added bling), these are a great idea for men, women and those fashionista kids in your life.

This post was written for Family Review Network & LillyMae Bags who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.


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kailani said...

What a cute bag . . . and a cute model!

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Very cute bag! Love the colors, and the inside shot of the bag. Cute little model as well!

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Cute bag!! Love the fabric too :o)

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Angie Bailey said...

I'd love to have this for vacation this summer and not have to worry about a bulky purse on my shoulder, which hurts anyway from bursitis, lol. I'll have to check these out. And I love that these are fashioanble. Nobody wants to look dorky in their vacation photos.

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MIG said...

This looks awesome! Seriously. If It's one thing I don't need, it's to carry around a large purse. This would be so much more convenient.