Friday, December 23, 2011

Dirt Devil Review: 2-in-1 Hand Vacuums for Adults and Kids!

Dirt Devil logoA dear friend emailed me a few weeks ago with news about the must-have, write-to-Santa, top-of-her-list item that her 3-year-old daughter wanted for Christmas.

An electronic gadget? A singing, dancing doll? Items for pretend play?

No, no, and... not exactly. See, she didn't want to pretend to clean the house for Mom and Dad, she wanted to really do it. Therefore, she wrote to the Big Guy and asked for her dream gift: a steam mop.

I tell you, that's my kind of kid.

Unfortunately, my girls aren't quite as into cleaning, so I'm not counting on them doing anything like this in the near future. On the other hand, they do like helping and they have been known to volunteer to participate if they have a tool that is their size.

So how can cleaning be made fun for all of us? Thanks to Dirt Devil and the Dirt Devil Quick Flex 2-in-1 Hand Vac and the Dirt Devil 2-In-1 Play Upright Vac, we're all able to get in on helping keep our house clean... while having a good time doing it!

Dirt Devil vacuums
Almost a little difficult to tell which one is the toy, isn't it?

Committed to developing innovative cleaning solutions their customers value and trust, Dirt Devil has been providing reliable and high quality products since 1983. As well as their cleaning products that adults have known and employed for years, this holiday season Dirt Devil has launched a line of toy vacuums to be sold at leading retailers.

Designed to imitate adult products, the toys feature the famed Dirt Devil red styling that are sure to be eye-catching for young and old. But more than just a toy to push around, these adorable mini vacuums have lifelike features such as realistic motor sounds, light-up buttons and actual pick-up capabilities. How cool is that?

Retailing for under $25, I can easily see why a Dirt Devil play vac would be a guaranteed hit for the little one (ages 3+) who always wants to lend a helping hand around the house.

Hoping that using a toy vacuum that mirrored one for adults would encourage my own kids to do more cleaning around the house, I couldn't wait to see how much of a hit the Quick Flex 2-in-1 Hand Vac and the 2-in-1 Play Upright Vac would be for all of us.

Dirt Devil 2-in-1 reviewDirt Devil's Quick Flex 2-in-1 has 12 Volts of power and a motorized brushroll that works for quick pickups on multiple surfaces. As we recently had hardwood floors installed in nearly all of the first floor of our house, I was immediately excited about being able to use this vacuum on any area rugs as well as right on the wood itself.

As I began to pull it out of the box, I hesitated thinking that I should have gotten tools out. However, I was instead happy to see that Dirt Devil made it possible to go from box to vacuuming in barely any time at all.

Dirt Devil reviewIn less than a minute, I had the handle unfolded, the base snapped into place, and the battery charging up (I love the red light that shows me that charging is taking place) for use. Couldn't have been easier!

Dirt Devil Quick Flex 2-in-1 Hand VacWhile the Quick Flex charged, I turned to the 2-in-1 Play Upright Vac and found that the assembly was just as easy (if not easier) as the adult version.

Dirt Devil 2-in-1 Play Upright VacAfter attaching the handle and inserting 3 C batteries (not included), it was time to put both of these great vacuums to the test.

Dirt Devil Quick Flex 2-in-1 reviewWith quite a few similarities between these two vacuums, it was easy to see that my kids were going to love being able to have something just like Mom and Dad.

Each one has two convenient uses and can be used as a standing vacuum or by lifting off the detachable hand vac. Simply push the easy release button...

Dirt Devil...and the hand vac lifts right off.

Dirt DevilA built-in crevice tool pulls out of the Quick Flex hand vac to reach deep down nooks and crannies and a dusting brush attachment is great for upholstery and textured surfaces. As for the Play vac? Well, it has beads that whirl around and very light suction that can really pick up!

By clicking the hand vacs back into place, it is easy to push both the Quick Flex and the Play Upright throughout the house for cleaning quick messes whenever necessary.

Who knew vacuuming could be so much fun?

Even better, emptying both vacs doesn't take more than a push of a button as well, as each dirt canister easily releases and can be shaken out right into the trash can.

Retailing for $49.99, the Quick Flex 2-in-1 Hand Vac is currently out of stock from Dirt Devil, but is available on Amazon for slightly less and with free shipping. I love the simplicity of use and lightweight feel, not to mention the fold down handle for easy storage... and how great it is alongside the Dirt Devil 2-in-1 Play Upright Vac!

This super fun toy has an MSRP of $19.99 at Walmart (I'm unable to find it on their website and only see it on Amazon) and really will thrill kids with its scaled-down similarities to the Quick Flex. Together, the two make great holiday gifts or just a unique way to kick off the New Year and a resolution to keep the house cleaner - this way the whole family can get involved!

(Other than the Dirt Devil Quick Flex 2-in-1 Hand Vac and the Dirt Devil 2-in-1 Play Upright Vac that I was provided by Dirt Devil, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of these products.)


Anonymous said...

Hey mama! Just coming by to wish you, your hubs and adorable girls a very Merry Christmas!! So glad we are friends. Love you!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Merry Christmas Mama! ;-)

These are so fun!

leanne said...

Haha, I'm famous!!! Okay, well my daughter is... We're totally adding this the list of must-haves!

bama_candy2002 said...

Interesting i'll have to mention this to my daughter so her kids will help clean up

kailani said...

Hmm . . . that might be the perfect way to get my kids to help me clean.