Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Favorite Outdoor Gear: Vs. Mittens {Review}

Vs. Mittens logoThere are quite a few aspects of living in a cold-weather climate that I'm not too happy about, namely... well, the cold.

But one of the frustrating side effects that goes along with it is the amount of time it typically takes to get out the front door. Instead of slipping our feet into sandals and being ready to go, we can spend upwards of 10 minutes finding and putting on every last pair of snow pants, boots, and more.

However, since the day that we were introduced to Vs. Mittens, suddenly things changed. Instead of the slow dawdle, I have to admit that the kids aren't the only ones who are excited about finding any chance that we can get to hurriedly pull on our unique, creative and extremely fun mittens. When they look like this, who can resist?

Vs. MittensFrom the zany creators of Hoopla, a product development and gift company based out of New York, Vs. Mittens were originally invented for adults who are actually kids on the inside. Who wants to wear yet another pair of boring gloves or mittens when you can wear something that combines function with an eye-catching, quirky style?

Just from the photos on their website of these predator and prey pairs, I had no doubt that the kids and I were going to have fun with our Vs. Mittens... but then they arrived and it was downright love at first sight.

Vs. Mittens reviewAs well as being absolutely adorable, these mittens are ethically handmade sweatshop free in China by local crocheting farm lades in their off-season. Seeing them in person immediately made me smile, while also putting me a little bit in awe of all of the great detailing. From the floppy ears to the individual teeth to each little bump of the sheep's wool - they really are amazing!

Vs. Mittens reviewBig Sister E and Little Sister B received mittens from the Juniors line, which includes Bird vs. Bee, Cat vs. Dog, and Frog vs. Fly... and their eyes lit up when they saw the cuteness. This cat and dog are just so much fun!

fun kids mittensWhile the intent is that this territorial cat and cat-chasing dog are classic rivals, my girls have had endless entertainment putting their furry pals through various tales and adventures. There isn't much that Vs. Mittens can't make more fun, as running errands, raking leaves or simply sitting in the car is cool if you have these with you.

best kids mittensAlthough I wasn't surprised by the awesome appearance, after having let the girls wear these mittens for quite a while, I'm very happy to see the great quality as well as how thick and warm they are outdoors. The 80/20 wool/acrylic mix and the excellent crochet really does keep the cold out and the warmth in.

While I'm typically left a little jealous of my kids' cute items, I think I am just as excited about my Wolf vs. Sheep adult mittens!

fun adult mittensMade from the same high quality as my kids' Cat vs. Dog pairs, these keep my hands toasty warm while also entertaining my kids as we wait in line at the store, to be called in for an appointment or while sitting at a stoplight. Really, it's like having a pair of our favorite puppets with us at all times!

Vs. Mittens reviewRetailing for $24.99 for kids (Vs. Mittens recommends ages 4 - 7 but these have fit Little Sister B perfectly even when she was a month shy of 3) and $29.99 for adults, we haven't met a single person who hasn't been amazed at our Vs. Mittens.

An absolute conversation starter, everyone we have come in contact with has examined them (after picking their jaw back up) and loves the idea just as much as we do. After I admit that no, I did not make them myself (who do these people think I am that I would be that talented?) we continue to agree that these are just that cool!

With so much winter still to come, a pair of Vs. Mittens are just the thing that the adults and kids in your life need to brighten their time outside. Visit their website to see and order all of their awesome designs and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

(Other than the sets of mittens that I was provided by Vs. Mittens, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and their one-of-a-kind awesome products.)


Mellisa said...

Those are ADORABLE! I especially love the adult mittens and think I might order a pair for myself :)

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely adorable! I may have to order a pair for the kid in me:)

Liz Mays said...

If I had those mittens, I'd be sure only one of my animals survived the fight I'd most definitely be making them have.

I expect to see those mittens on your hands the next time I see you, even if it's summer. I don't care. I expect it.

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Aww, those are cute!! My daughter would love them.