Monday, December 5, 2011

Pillow Pet Accessories: Petjamas and Snugglebags by SnuggleTime {Review}

Snuggletime logoOne quick search in the archives here and you'll find at least a half dozen posts raving about the softness, the cuddliness, the cuteness, and the downright fun of Pillow Pets. They're plush, they're comfortable, they're versatile... available in so many different adorable characters, it's not really a wonder that kids everywhere have gone crazy for these part pillow - part stuffed animal pals.

Up until recently, the only change I had come across in the world of Pillow Pets was that they've come out with a smaller size. Albeit still cute, I didn't find that to be all that much of a new thing... but then I was introduced to SnuggleTime and their Pillow Pet accessories and I knew that they had discovered a way to make a good thing even better.

Snuggletime reviewA newly created, woman-owned business offering accessories designed specifically for plush pillow toys and other stuffed animals, SnuggleTime knows that children want to bring their favorite plush companions anywhere and everywhere they go. While that may be all fine and well in the child's eyes, moms know that can only lead to dirt, germs and worse - yuck.

Instead, this innovative company created their two marquee products, Petjamas and Snugglebags, and combined fun, ingenuity and practicality into today's must-have accessories for stuffed toys. Suddenly children are able to carry their favorite plush companions wherever the day takes them, while parents receive the extra added benefit of knowing their little ones will enjoy a sound, comfortable and safe (i.e. germ-free) night's sleep.

When Petjamas (from the Quilty Collection) and a Snugglebags sleeping bag arrived, I knew it wouldn't be long until my girls were excited to play with these great additions to their Pillow Pets.

Pillow pet accessoriesA combination slipcover, outfit and carrier, the Petjamas concept is simple - it covers the stuffed animal or plush toy and keeps it clean, while still being cuddly for kids. This super soft, super cute and super cleanable cover acts as clothes or a carrying case for plush companions and a pillow case for children.

When the Black Licorice Twist Petjamas arrived, I couldn't believe how easy it was to put it right to use.

Petjamas reviewSimilar to a pillowcase, this 16" x 18" cover features super soft, embossed velveteen fabric made of 100% polyester that is snuggly and quilted on one side and luxuriously smooth on the other. Sewn closed on three sides, the fourth side features two long strips of Velcro that create a pouch effect when a Pillow Pet is tucked inside.

By sliding the Pillow Pet right inside and closing up the Velcro, it is now even softer and cuddlier than before - with the added benefit of staying clean right inside. Even better, with the included handle and two pockets...

...your Pillow Pet is now more easily portable as well as having a place to store any small treasures or belongings.

An added detail that SnuggleTime included (which took me a while to notice) is that they even made it possible to still fold your Pillow Pet into the stuffed animal "mode" while wearing Petjamas. Along one seam there is a slit just the right size to pull the Velcro strap through, while on the other there is an included matching hook and loop closure... all kids have to do is attach the Velcro like normal and they still have their irresistible pal ready to play with at any time.

Giving kids the ability to color-coordinate their Petjamas with their Pillow Pet or other plush toy, this unique, interchangeable, washable accessory comes in five options:
  • Strawberry Shortcake coordinates well with Lady Bug.
  • Black Licorice Twist goes perfect with Panda and Penguin.
  • Banana Cream Squeeze pairs with Bumble Bee.
  • Chocolate Cuddle Cake recommended for Puppy and Monkey.
  • Pink Princess Plush the pretty partner for Unicorn and Hippo.
As well as giving your child's Pillow Pet some Petjamas to keep them clean, SnuggleTime also allows you to keep them warm with their cushy, convertible Snugglebags.

Snugglebags reviewThese two-in-one mini sleeping bags are a great slipcover to keep plush toys ultra cozy and ultra clean. Measuring just under 20" x 20", this water resistant, reversible bag is filled with polyester fiber batting and really does feel like a regular sleeping bag... just smaller.

The sturdy zipper runs down one side and along the bottom, making it so that the Snugglebags can be opened completely flat...

...and the contrasting bright color on the inside can easily be flipped for a fun change whenever you feel like it.

Currently available in Midnight Snack (blue and orange) or Dreamsicle (pink and purple), Snugglebags are a versatile, washable way to allow kids to really enjoy sleeping next to their favorite friend wherever they go.

And, when they're done, the whole thing folds in half and then is rolled up to stow away in a convenient, portable travel bag. What more could you need?

Recommended for ages 3 and up, both Petjamas (retail price $9.99) and Snugglebags ($12.99) are available online from SnuggleTime just in time for holiday gift-giving. Great for Pillow Pets as well as a variety of other stuffed animals, dolls and more, either of these unique items would make for a creative and affordable present for just about any child on your list.

(Other than the Petjamas and Snugglebag that I was sent from SnuggleTime, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these unique products.)


Anonymous said...

They are fab! Zoe is enjoying hers with camp out in the living room night!

Unknown said...

The website seems to no longer exist. Where can I get a snuggle bag????