Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shake It Up Fashions: D-Signed CeCe & Rocky Holiday Collection {Review}

D-Signed logoRecently I was chatting with another mom and we were joking about our 5-year-olds already getting to the age where they're a bit too cool for us.

Shaking my head, I commented, "It's going to be a long next 20 years of my life," and she could only nod her head because of how hard she was laughing.

Although I absolutely adore having girls (and the thought of having a boy secretly terrifies me, so it's a good thing that I didn't give birth to one), I know that I'm in for years of hair and clothes and shoes and slumber parties and drama. Which, actually, I'm mostly looking forward to (aside from the drama, of course) even though I know it's going to mean a lot of negotiations on whether or not we'll purchase the "in" jeans and the "gotta have it" purse... particularly the ones with crazy high price tags.

Fortunately, there are more and more fashions coming out now that combine the looks and styles that girls are want with the budget-conscious prices that moms prefer. Just in time for this year's holiday parties, girls everywhere are going to be excited about the new D-Signed CeCe & Rocky Holiday Collection available at Target.

CeCe & Rocky Holiday CollectionBased on fashions worn by the characters CeCe and Rocky (played by actresses Bella Thorne and Zendaya) from the hit Disney Channel series Shake it Up, this new clothing line is trendy, sparkly, and a whole lot of fun. Instead of featuring the characters' faces on them like so many franchises do (and that I'm not a fan of at all), the designs are simply influenced by both girls' styles.

The fun, fashion-forward looks that CeCe & Rocky are known for have resulted in a 35-piece collection at Target that pulls in the latest fashion trends this holiday season including faux fur, sparkle and fun layers:
  • Fur: Faux of course! From fur vests to leggings with attached fur leg warmers, this trend is a must-have this season and the CeCe & Rocky Holiday Collection has plenty of it.
  • Sparkle: Shine this holiday season. Whether it's an accent on a blazer, detailing on a tee or a full out sequined tank, sparkle is present throughout the collection in bold and subtle ways. Adding the perfect amount of glitz to those gloomy winter months!
  • Layers: A continuing fun and easy-to-create trend this holiday season is layering. The CeCe & Rocky Holiday Collection can be mixed, matched and layered, creating effortless fashionable statements while keeping comfort and practicality in mind.
We had the opportunity to check out a selection of pieces from the CeCe & Rocky Holiday Collection...

CeCe & Rocky Holiday Collection review...and Big Sister E's eyes grew wide from the moment she saw them. "Look at the fuzzy kitty! And the sparkly skirt! And those things on the shirt! What are those called, Mama? Oh? Perfumes? Look at those perfumes!"

Shake It Up clothingShe has definitely had a blast strutting her stuff and showing off her new duds. Being able to mix and match the trendy patterns and fabrics has resulted in a fun way to add a little kick to her wardrobe.

D-Signed CeCe & Rocky Holiday CollectionAs well as allowing girls to express their fashion sense in ways that make them happy, I especially like that the CeCe & Rocky Holiday D-Signed collection is available at Target and is extremely affordable. The prices vary but are generally around $12.99 for a t-shirt, $14.99 for leggings, and slightly higher for various tunics, vests and jackets, which is much less than nearly any name brand in the department stores.

Available in girls sizes 4 to 16 at Target stores nationwide and on, you can even extend these fun fashions further by checking out the assortment of Shake It Up-inspired sneakers, ballet flats, boots and shoes available in girls sizes 12 to 5 at Payless.

(Other than the CeCe & Rocky Holiday D-Signed clothing that I received, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this clothing line.)


Jenny said...

We've seen these at Target and Abby really wants that "makeup" shirt. The outfits look adorable on your daughter.

I know what you mean about the drama, I'm not looking forward to that at all.