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Complete Girls' Outfits Styled Just For Her From FabKids {Review}

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When it comes to styling my daughters, it seems to have taken me a while to learn a basic concept: I should only purchase their clothes in outfits.

Otherwise, it seems that we end up with random (albeit cute) shirts or shorts or skirts that just don't match anything, therefore never getting worn. How many times have I pulled the same tunic top out of Little Sister B's closet and kicked myself for not having found a pair of leggings to go with it?

Fortunately, the situation never has to happen again thanks to the site that empowers girls to express their individuality through their own personal fashion sense... while also ensuring that pieces always have a coordinating mix-and-match style to them: FabKids.

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With acclaimed actress and mother, Christina Applegate, as a creative partner, FabKids was started by a team of parents that believe in celebrating every girl. Whether she is adventurous, creative, spontaneous, outgoing, shy, independent or more, FabKids functions on the idea of building their confidence and letting it shine.

While other clothing websites display and sell each article separately, FabKids not only puts their pieces into complete outfits, but sells them as such. Even better, they utilize your daughter's personality to customize and suggest the outfits that they believe she will like best. It's like having your own personal shopper right there online... and who wouldn't be excited about that?

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The process of shopping at FabKids is simple as well as fun. Simply take their Style Profile Quiz about (or with) your daughter so that FabKids can assess their personality and offer outfit suggestions.

The nine questions range from informative (e.g. her age or what size tops, dresses and bottoms she wears) to more unique (e.g. would she prefer an Indie, bright or floral pattern best or choosing her personality from descriptive terms such as sassy, thoughtful, sweet, easygoing, inquisitive and more).

While I began the Style Profile for Big Sister E on my own, I soon called her over to help answer some of the questions or pick her favorite from options that were shown. As well as being thrilled to look at the bright and colorful clothing shown, it was clear that she relished her role getting to give her opinion.

At the end of the quiz, FabKids displayed a variety of 3-piece personalized outfit recommendations, with each one containing a top (shirt or dress), bottom (jeans, leggings or skirt) and an accessory (tights, headband, etc). After looking over each one carefully, Big Sister E selected her favorite and, with another click or two, it was in our virtual shopping bag and ready to go.

As every outfit was age-appropriate, comfortable and designed to work at home, at school, on the playground and more, I was happy letting Big Sister E make the final call. After repeating the process with Little Sister B (and finding it very easy to toggle back and forth between the two "accounts"), the ordering process was smooth and simple. I was surprised to receive an email the following day alerting me that the order had already shipped!

FabKids review

Adorable! Not only had FabKids included our two chosen outfits, but new customers receive a very cute sequined, striped long sleeve t-shirt with their first purchase. I managed to get a quick look at all of the items included in our fun pink box...

FabKids clothing

...before both girls were clamoring to put them on.

We found the fit on both outfits to be true to size and I appreciated all of the small details that FabKids had included to give each item a finished, quality look. Little Sister B was overjoyed with her shiny silver pants and pink dress and Big Sister E (who had surprised me by picking out a dress in the first place) was excited about her new polka dots.

FabKids clothing review

FabKids offers clothing in size 2-8 (10 and 12 are coming soon and boys' and infant clothing will be available in 2013) that comes with free shipping as well as free returns or exchanges on unworn merchandise within 30 days. Once you've registered and taken their Style Profile Quiz, you'll then receive personalized outfit recommendations each month that they believe your daughter will enjoy.

Each outfit sells for $39.95 and you have one week to select from the recommendations, view all of the available outfits for the month, or skip the month altogether — there's never any obligation to purchase and you can cancel your membership at any time. Right now FabKids is running a promotion where your first outfit costs only $25, so it's a great time to sign up and give the site a try!

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Overall, the girls and I really enjoyed shopping at FabKids and love the items that we selected. I'm not fully convinced that the Style Profile Quiz really made much of a difference, as we chose quite contrasting options for Big Sister E (who is non-girly, loves blue and declared herself "shy") versus Little Sister B (who is outgoing and adores everything frilly, sparkly and pink) and received pretty much the same outfit recommendations for them both.

With that being said, they did really like being a part of the process and of course were beyond proud to get to pick out a complete outfit for themselves. It has made them much more excited about the dresses and leggings and they love being able to put them on and think that they were perfectly styled to match their personality and preferences.

For girls that love fashion, FabKids is the place to go! I appreciate the ability to purchase clothing that works together (as well as can be mixed in with other pieces) and my girls end up having expressed their style tastes in ways that make them happy. It's a win-win and we're looking forward to seeing what outfits are selected for us next month!

To find out more about FabKids and their program, visit their website at FabKids.com and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


Jenny said...

Cute clothes and I love the box they came in!

LeeAnn said...

While your adorable little girls would look good in sacks, they look super cute in those outfits. Rylie would love those! That website sounds so much fun, too. I think Rylie and I will have to take their style quiz and find some (bright, I'm sure) clothes for her.

slehan said...

That sounds like a great way to get the kids involved in picking the outfits.

Unknown said...

I've never heard of FabKids before and I'm bookmarking it since I have two girls of my own and I prefer online shopping v.s going to the stores. I love leggings and it seems like they have a great selection of them.

Anonymous said...

Everything is so cute. I love how it comes packaged

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