Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love It or Hate It: What Every Mom Should Know When Buying a Car

While there are many aspects of life that we might dread (paying bills, visiting the dentist, and doing our taxes, just to name a few), many of us would add "buying a car" to that list. Feeling the pressure from the salesman, having to deal with the negotiations, and the overall tiring, confused, did I pay too much? feelings just aren't all that enjoyable, right?

But what are the things that moms should actually know when buying a car? And what features really matter most when it comes to providing the best ride for our family? Having made the leap to a minivan in recent years (yep, I went to the dark side and love it), I was happy to write a guest post on the topic over at Jen and Barb, Mom Life.

This innovative site is dedicated to sharing original online videos about being in the trenches of motherhood, something we can all relate to. This week Jen and Barb talked with Jody Devere, founder of the website AskPatty.com, about the things that every mom should know that will put the fun back in buying a car.

Take a look at her suggestions to make the experience a great one!

car buying tips
Click here or on the image above to watch the video in full on Jen and Barb, Mom Life.

What do you think? Do you agree with Jody? Are there other tips that you would include? To read my thoughts on what I love about my minivan, head over to Jen and Barb, Mom Life for my guest post! Then join in the conversation!    

(Jen and Barb have teamed up with Dodge to discuss this topic and I was compensated for my involvement. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.)


Jenny said...

That's a good tip to go without your husband. I honestly think I could get a better deal without him. LOL!

slehan said...

do your homework on the internet first.

Cathi said...

Can I just admit that NY does ALL our finances. As far as buying cars ... It's a pleasure with NY. We've bought three cars and he has it all taken care of before we ever walk on the car lot. Our last purchase was a new Cadillac DTS in August. We simply drove our old Cadillac on-site, signed papers and drove the new one away. ;)
I will say I loahed buying cars before NY was in my life!!