Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FRAAS Fairisle Infinity scarves {Review}

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Although I enjoy flipping through fashion magazines or catching a few minutes of an E! Network style show, I tend to let most of the latest trends and fads remain there.

The hottest heels on the runway? Fun to look at, but not exactly practical for playing in the park. The chic, new, ├╝ber expensive clutch? Definitely pretty, but probably not built for storing plastic toys and cracker crumbs.

However, one leading trend that I've been happy to embrace as my own is the casual fashion that comes with a novelty scarf. Being able to drape or tie a scarf as a finishing touch to an outfit just has the ability to give it a polished, put-together look with ease. And no collection is more on-target than the luxurious line up of versatile options from FRAAS in their Fall 2012 collection.

fashion scarves

Ever since its foundation in 1880 by Valentin Fraas, FRAAS has thrived, advanced and expanded at a rapid pace due to constantly implementing new ideas and concepts.

From its bases in New York, Paris, London, W├╝stenselbitz, Toronto and Shanghai, design teams travel to major shows and forecasting seminars throughout the globe to identify new trends and develop products that are perfectly attuned to fashion and customer demand.

The company's research team, meanwhile, works unceasingly to develop and discover new yarns, fabric and methods of manufacturing products that are of truly outstanding quality. For the upcoming fall season, more than 100 new FRAAS brand styles are debuting in multiple color options to provide savvy consumers with the right styling and best shades to work with existing and new wardrobes.

When the Fairisle Infinity Scarf arrived, I knew that it would be a great addition to my closet.

FRAAS Fairisle Infinity Scarf

Comprised of acrylic, nylon and a bit of wool, this scarf is super soft and extremely lightweight, making it a great item for transitioning from season to season. Right away I loved the muted, neutral colors and the loose, open weave of the fabric.

lightweight scarf

Having worn an infinity scarf before, I was excited that this one provided the same easy looping (no tying needed) and quick styling. No matter if you are looking to dress up your outerwear, sweater, dress or blouse, the Fairisle Infinity Scarf has the ability to give a fashionable finishing touch that is sure to turn heads.

FRAAS review

While I was initially concerned about how delicate this scarf would be, it didn't take long before I realized that simply because it feels thin and fragile, those do not equate to it being flimsy. Instead, it has held up well to being worn time and again and easily retains its classic, soft shape.

Whether pulled on to go have coffee with friends, to bring my girls to the library or packed in a bag for travel, the FRAAS Fairisle Infinity Scarf has proven to be one item that will never go out of fashion. Available in four color options (navy/turquoise, camel/ivory, rose/petal, and black/grey), this scarf retails for approximately $40.

This fall, don't spend a fortune trying to renew or revamp your wardrobe. Instead, visit FRAAS on their website (as well as on Facebook), to select your favorite way to stylishly accessorize what you currently own. You can also find FRAAS products worldwide in department and specialty stores as well as online retailers and from

(Other than the Fairisle Infinity Scarf that I was provided by FRAAS to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and their products.)


Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

You look beautiful!

Unknown said...

this scarf looks great. i don't normally wear them but i like the style

Morgan Lepley Edger said...

I love these! I love scarves, especially ones with a bit of wool to feel soft on my skin :)

pinktaz60 said...

Betsy Rubendall Barnes

This scarf looks great on you! I love the way it is made :)

Unknown said...

u look nice with this scarf-..

Jessica Allen said...

Those are beautiful scarf's! I love the colors on you! :)

Unknown said...

Those are really soft and Lovely. Thank you. Jerri Davis

Anonymous said...

I love all of the colors of scarves in the pictures at the top. I wish I could wear scarves but I can't ever seem to get them to look right.