Tuesday, December 11, 2012

iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear Headphones for Kids {Review}

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When it comes to technology, my girls seem to be perfectly happy alternating between those devices that are designed for kids and those that are made for adults. Handheld video games or kids' tablets? Sure! An iPhone or iPad? Yes, please!

However, over the past few years we've noticed that it definitely makes a difference to find products that are constructed specifically for kids when it comes to certain areas. One such example? Headphones and earbuds.

Whether at home for some much-needed silence or while traveling in the car or on a plane, we've tried using regular headphones on the girls and have had limited success. As they are always too big, they are constantly sliding down or falling off or jabbing into somewhere wrong, and the whole thing ends up being a hassle that is more trouble than it's worth.

Instead, we now know that we will instead always turn to the colorful, safe, child-friendly Animatone line of headphones and earbuds from iFrogz.

iFrogz Animatone

Featuring playful, animal-inspired designs that are perfect for any child, the Animatones headphones and earbuds come in three bright colors — red, blue and green — and feature a corresponding animal print design, such as a ladybug, snail or turtle.

Not only do both versions of these Animatone audio accessories feature an adorable, kid-sized look, but they include built-in volume boundaries to prevent the sound from being turned louder than 85 decibels (which is equivalent to the level of an average telephone dial tone). Kids are able to look cool and stay comfortable while parents are able to rest assured that their hearing isn't being damaged by noise levels that are too high!

Thrilled with the idea that I could provide audio limiting protection for the young, developing ears in my household while also making the girls happy about the size and fit, we were all excited to see the Animatone Over-Ear Headphones in the blue Snail design arrive.

 iFrogz Animatone headphones

Right out of the package, it was clear to see that these headphones would be easy to wear, easy to adjust and easy on the eyes — they're just that cute!

iFrogz Animatone headphones review

In a matter of seconds, these headphones have literally made our life so much easier! My kids absolutely adore the fun look, the sturdy and lightweight construction, and the soft cushions that fit perfectly on their small ears.

At the same time, I'm beyond excited about the volume control (more than once Little Sister B has started watching a television show on the iPad with the sound accidentally turned all the way up) and the peace of mind that comes with the quiet in the house and the safety for my kids' ears.

Plus, these headphones fit perfectly on Big Sister E (at age 6) as well as Little Sister B (at nearly 4) but it is clear that the easily-adjusted length of the top ensures that these will work for us for many years in the future!

kids headphones

These iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear Headphones are just all-around fantastic on so many levels that the only problem we have encountered with them is that we are in dire need of a second pair to stop the arguing over whose turn it is with them!

Fortunately, these headphones are easily ordered right through iFrogz.com, BestBuy.com or are found at Best Buy locations nationwide, so it won't take us long to bring home the red Ladybug or green Turtle design to solve the problem. If you're in need of a holiday gift for a child on your life that owns (or will soon own) any sort of device that makes noise or plays music, you've got to check these out!

Retailing for $24.99 for the headphones and $19.99 for the earbuds, you can find out more about the Animatone line (as well as iFrogz's other creative, value-priced lifestyle mobile accessories) right on their website. You can also connect with this innovative company on Facebook on Twitter so that you'll never miss the latest information, product releases, specials and more.

Other than the Animatone Over-Ear Headphones I received from iFrogz to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this great product.


Unknown said...

I very muck like the volume control feature and these are so cute I'd wear a pair!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Perfect timing for this info! We bought Mason a DVD player for the car to use on long road trips and were wondering about kid size headphones!

Anonymous said...

I love these cute little head phones for my kids. they look great.

Rose-Marie said...

this is very nice ! i get a chuckle over the "only problem" is that you need another to stop the arguing about whose turn it is. Good price, too.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

I haven't seen this brand before they are so cute. I don't have any headphones for my son yet. I will have to keep these in mind when I get a pair for him.