Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Unique, Fashionable Fun Shoes for Kids: Bobbi-Toads {Review}

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There's no doubt about it, as soon as it is warm enough, all of my closed-toe shoes are retired in favor of my sandals and flip-flops. A coat or two of polish to pretty up my toenails and they're ready to head out and enjoy the warmth and sunshine from now until the temps drop back down in the fall.

When it comes to my girls, it seems that they have inherited my love of open-toe shoes, as they continually reach for their own sandals as often as possible. Which, unfortunately for them, isn't nearly as much as they would like, as both of their schools prefer that children wear tennis shoes (or at least shoes that are closed to protect their feet).

So, when I was introduced to Bobbi-Toads, I immediately knew that these unique, stylish shoes would be the best of both worlds. Sneakers plus embossed toes that can be painted just like real nails? Sure sounds like every little girl's dream to me!

Bobbi-Toads shoes

Providing fashionable little girls an innovative way to dress up their tennis shoes, Bobbi-Toads are a line of shoes unlike any that I have seen before. Each of the six different styles (featuring a variety of colors and designs available in both Velcro and lace-up closures) not only are adorable and colorful, but feature "toes" on the rubber end that can be painted over and over again.

That's right, the embossed rubber can be painted just like real nails — and, as with other pedicures, when your little diva has changed her outfit or her mood, you simply use nail polish remover to clean the shoes and she's ready to apply a different color.

Knowing that Big Sister E would be thrilled to show off such a snazzy pair of kicks, when the JacJac Bobbi-Toads arrived, I wasn't surprised when she was immediately pulling them out of the box to try them on.

Bobbi-Toads shoes review

I love how, from afar, when Bobbi-Toads are "unpainted," they simply appear as adorably colorful, uniquely-designed shoes. I'm pretty sure that Big Sister E would have loved these even if they were just traditional sneakers!

girls tennis shoes
The rubber tread on the bottom leaves behind a distinctive and fun Bobbi-Toad character in dirt or sand!

However, upon closer inspection...

Bobbi-Toads shoes unpainted

...who can resist the cute toes?

Once given the ability to truly express herself with the polish of her choosing — Bobbi-Toads offers their own non-toxic Bobbi-Polish (and polish remover) in ten great shades — Big Sister E really did show just how much of a great fashion statement these shoes can truly be (even if she does need a little more practice on her nail painting technique).

Bobbi-Toads review

As removing the polish is just as easy as applying it (we have only used non-toxic polish and have found that it removes easily and leaves no residue or staining), it is beyond easy to change these up in the evening and they are dry and ready to show off at school the next morning.

Bobbi-Toads shoes review

Bobbi-Toads shoes come in six styles in a variety of sizes, ranging from little girls' 11-13 to big girls' 1-6, and are available online directly from for $49.95.

Whether you have a girl in your life that is in love with fashion or you simply want to give her a way to continue celebrating "summer feet" all year long, head over to Bobbi-Toads (and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter) to see if these distinctive shoes are just the thing to make her wardrobe her own!

Other than the JacJac shoes that I was provided by Bobbi-Toads in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion about this product.


Liz Mays said...

The nail polish is the win on this! Such a super cute idea for little girls!

Unknown said...

The shoes are adorable - I must keep this website in mind when it is time to buy shoes for my granddaughter. Thank you!

Courtney B said...

these are SO cute! jealous! i swear kids shoes are cuter then adult shoes lately..

Erin Wright said...

I love these! I love putting my daughter in insanely cute shoes!

slehan said...

Cute idea. Like the non-toxic polish & remover. Such a smile on her face.

slehan at juno dot com

Kimberly Grabinski said...

My daughter would FLIP over those, too cute!

Betty Roberts said...

how cute! love how they can get creative on their own shoes!

Robin Wilson said...

What a fun idea for a pair of little girl's shoes! They really cornered what put a big smile on your little girl's face! Thank you so much!

Sandy Cain said...

These shoes are SO cute!! I have to remember this when the grandchildren have their birthdays. (Ir just for any day!)

atabanana29 said...

THis is such a cute idea for shoes! My girls would love these!

laurie nykaza said...

These shoes are to cute my nieces would love getting to paint the toe nails on their shoes great idea!

Mary said...

So stinkin' cute! LOL They made me smile!

Unknown said...

so cute! my niece would love that.

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