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The Berenstain Bears: 50th Anniversary DVD Collection and Golden Brother and Golden Sister Editions {Review}

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When I was growing up, there were quite a few television shows that my brother and I were forbidden to watch.

But whyyyyyyyy? we would whine to my mother incessantly. And, although I don't remember her exact response, it was always something to do with what shows were appropriate and what made others junk.

At the time, I'm sure I just rolled my eyes and thought she was being strict without a good reason. But 30 years later, I completely understand. Why in the world would I want my kids watching shows that portray characters as mean or stuck up or violent or any number of other qualities that I spend the rest of my time discouraging in them?

Fortunately, for every show in which I cringe and change the channel, I also find that there is one that promotes kindness, goodness, honesty, morals, life lessons and more. Most recently, that has come in the form of the classic, furry, positive messages from The Berenstain Bears.

Berenstain Bears DVD review

Since the 1962 debut of the first Berenstain Bears book, the series has grown to over 300 titles, which have sold hundreds of millions of copies in dozens of languages. If you somehow grew up without a Berenstain Bears book in your home, then you should know that you were cheated out of an amazingly classic set of tales.

However, the Berenstain Bears franchise has also expanded well beyond the books, encompassing two television series and a wide variety of other products. And these days, thanks to Phase 4 Films' family friendly kaboom! Entertainment line, it is easy to bring the Berenstain Bears home to your house to celebrate the 50+ years that these bears have been entertaining families everywhere.

After our previous family movie night with Phase 4 Films, the girls were thrilled to see that up next on the agenda included not only Berenstain Bears DVDs, but bonus plush Brother and Sister Bear pals as well.

Berenstain Bears DVDs

The Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection is a limited edition 3-disc set, with each of the DVDs containing five episodes each. Whether watching Celebrations, Homework Help or Bear Country, each of these animated comedies will have viewers laughing along with this fun family of bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle.

When it comes to really celebrating the 50th Anniversary of this cast of characters, The Berenstain Bears: Golden Brother Edition and The Berenstain Bears: Golden Sister Edition gift sets are an adorable way to introduce or further the love for this bear family that lives down a sunny dirt road.

Berenstain Bears golden editions

The Berenstain Bears: Golden Brother Edition includes an extremely soft and plush Brother Bear and two hours of episodes that highlight Brother Bear himself.

Brother BearWhile these lighthearted shows showcase Brother's love of all sports (soccer, in particular) and the way that he often acts as a protector by standing up for the smaller cubs at school, each episode also includes an important lesson for kids to learn.

I love the way that children can view the Berenstain Bears and think that they are just laughing at the jokes and humor, while in fact they are being taught about concepts such as sharing, time management, peer pressure, money isn't everything, helping your neighbors, not eating too fast and many more!

The Berenstain Bears: Golden Sister Edition includes a plush Sister Bear and two more hours of Berenstain Bears episodes that highlight this spirited, spunky third-grader.

Sister BearAs with her older brother's gift set, Sister's DVD focuses on her love of being outdoorsy, playing sports, writing, fairytales and jump rope... while also imparting significant morals and lessons.

Viewers can see that we all need to take responsibility for our actions, be grateful for what we have (and not compare our belongings to others'), be ourselves and not follow the crowd, practice makes perfect, plan ahead and more throughout this collection.

From one episode to the next (or one DVD to the next), the Berenstain Bears have a way of communicating valuable guidance without coming off as too overly boring or forceful that kids won't want to watch. The funny, familiar experiences of this bear family really do instill timeless life lessons and reflect the traditional community values of country life.

These short stories are ones that the whole family can enjoy together time and time again and, with the addition of the plush Brother and Sister Bear, it just makes the fun even more enjoyable.

Berenstain Bears toys

The Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary DVD Collection retails for $29.99 (on sale for $21.24!) and is available now at Walmart stores everywhere and online. The Berenstain Bears: Golden Brother and Golden Sister Edition are available exclusively at Walmart and Sam's Club stores beginning today, May 21st, 2013.

But remember, both of these Golden Editions are limited edition sets, so if you want to add these to your DVD library, give them as a great gift or have them on hand for summer travels, be sure to pick them up before they are gone!

Find out more about all three of these great family DVDs/gift sets by visiting Phase4Films.com and connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of the latest and greatest films.

As a Phase 4 Films Blogger Ambassador, I have received products and compensation from Phase 4 Films in order to facilitate and thank me for my review. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.


slehan said...

50 years old! They are definitely a classic. I wish I'd had them when I was little (60 years ago).

slehan at juno dot com

Sandy Cain said...

Has it really been 50 years?? It doesn't seem possible - WHERE did the time go?? But my daughter always enjoyed the Berenstain Bears, and you're right - I never had to "censor" them - all wholesome, family-friendly content.

Summer said...

These looks so cute! I love the Berenstain Bears and read them with my daughter all the time.

Shaina A. said...

Wow Berenstain bears are certainly a classic! I grew up reading tons of their books and loved all of them! What a treat!

atabanana29 said...

My girls love the Bernstein bears!!!!

Betty Roberts said...

wow i had no idea they've been around that long i remember watching the show and my kiddos have a few of their books!

Unknown said...

I remember watching them when my kids were young...now my grand kids are fans as well. So glad that this family friendly show is still around.

huntcm74 said...

I use to love to watch them. The dolls are so cute

Unknown said...

I loved the books when I was little and the stuffed bears are adorable.