Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo {Review}

Playskool logoWhether you had children or not, it was impossible to miss the Tickle Me Elmo craze that swept the nation in the late 1990s. Kids and adults alike just couldn't get enough of the cute, lovable red character that giggled and laughed and made interacting with him an entertaining experience every time.

This hot, must-have Christmas gift caused fighting, stampedes, price hikes and more and now, 20 years later, Elmo has been recreated in updated, even more fun ways. He plays music (we had a great time with our Let's Rock! Elmo review!), he sings, he plays lullabies, he cuddles, he teaches shapes and colors...

Most recently at our house, he laughs. And laughs. And laughs! Because of course life is much more fun with the arrival of Playskool's Sesame Street LOL Elmo from Hasbro.


Designed for ages 18 months - 4 years, Big Sister E and Little Sister B were beyond thrilled when they had the chance to be introduced to LOL Elmo and the way that his contagious laughter easily spreads throughout everyone within earshot.

Knowing that I wouldn't have to spend a minute convincing them to laugh out loud with him, we quickly admired the adorable box and packaging that Elmo arrived in...

Laugh Out Loud Elmo

...before pulling him out to see his cuteness up close.

Laugh Out Loud Elmo review

As LOL Elmo comes complete with four AA batteries already installed, all that we had to do was move the switch on his back to On (I appreciate that Playskool included a way to turn him off just in case non-laughter time is needed)...

LOL Elmo on off

...and get the giggles going!

LOL Elmo has a variety of different forms of laughing action, each one bringing just as many smiles as the last. My girls love that Elmo laughs out loud when Dorothy's fishbowl squeaker toy is squeezed..

LOL Elmo squeaker

...or if he hears a funny sound. Big Sister E can often be found making animal sounds as she plays near LOL Elmo just so that he'll keep on laughing!

LOL Elmo laughing

More laughter occurs when Elmo is ticked on his tummy or his feet, plus he acts as his own comedian when pressing on his foot. One squeeze and Elmo tells one of eight silly jokes such as "Why did the cookie have to go to the doctor? Because he felt crummy!"

All in all, from the smaller giggles to when Elmo is overcome with laughter and falls back on the floor kicking his feet and waving his hands, his happiness and joy is sure to always brighten the day. Just try to watch our short video demonstration without smiling!

For Elmo fans of all ages, the Sesame Street LOL Elmo would be a simple and fun addition to playrooms and bedrooms everywhere. Available now at most major toy retailers nationwide, on and on Amazon, Elmo retails for $39.99 (but is on sale on Amazon for $28.99). Will it be time to LOL at your house soon?

(Other than the LOL Elmo that I was provided by Hasbro in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this toy.)


Unknown said...

Elmo has been my granddaughter's favorite Sesame Street character. He is so lovable and sweet.

Courtney B said...

my daughter loves all things sesame street so this is a xmas present for sure!

mellyrox said...

LOL Elmo seems like an awesome toy for any age! :) My oldest son who has Down syndrome would love this..


Kimberly Grabinski said...

I have always loved Elmo and hearing him LOL is just adorable!

And I must know the font you used for the video!!!

Summer said...

How cute!

slehan said...

I was at a friend's house when her grandson got Elmo. We were all laughing. The new version looks good too.

slehan at juno dot com

huntcm74 said...

Elmo is very cute and lovable.

slehan said...

Laughing can be very contagious and Elmo makes everyone laugh.

slehan at juno dot com

atabanana29 said...

This looks so cute! My youngest daughter loves Elmo!

ann said...

It is amazing that Elmo is still around and kids still love him. I remember one year for Christmas Tickle me Elmo was the number one wanted to -you could find them anywhere. Now their still popular the grandkids love him