Friday, June 18, 2010

Powermat {Review & Giveaway} Wireless Charging Systems

{This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to those who entered!}

A few weeks ago the electric company had to shut off our power for a few hours to replace some of the wires in the neighborhood. Not that big of a deal, right?

When it came time to leave to go pick Big Sister E up from preschool, the first problem I encountered was not being able to get out of the garage due to the electronic doors. I went back inside to call my husband... but we have cordless phones, so those didn't work.

The obvious next attempt: my cell phone. After locating it (which was an issue all in itself) I found that the battery was completely dead. Could I use my iPod touch to send an email over there at least? Nope, also not charged. How was it that with all of the advanced technology these days, I couldn't find a single device that was charged and usable?

In the end, I figured out how to manually open the garage door and still made it over to pick up Big Sister E in time. But from that morning on, I made it a priority to make sure our electronics are always charged and ready when we need them. No more times when I can't use my cell phone to make a call or my camera to take a picture.

Fortunately, Powermat made that so much easier to do with their innovative and advanced Wireless Charging System.

There's no better way to sum up Powermat than the way that they do on their website: The Powermat Wireless Charging System provides a simple, fast and efficient way to keep all of your favorite personal electronic devices charged. Instead of the pile of cords that we previously had sitting around (which, ironically, led to nothing getting plugged in), our lives have been streamlined with the Powermat Portable Mat.

The steps to using an innovative Powermat couldn't be easier. By plugging in the mat itself (the Portable Mat folds into three sections and comes with a convenient carrying case), you're ready to begin charging hundreds of electronic devices by choosing the necessary compatible receiver. All you do is set the receiver right on the mat and it magnetically holds in place and automatically starts charging - it even gives you an audible chime to let you know it's working!

The included Universal Powercube Receiver can replace just about any other charger needed by switching between any of the eight included tips (there's even a storage compartment for the ones you aren't currently using). By simply popping on and off the correct adapter, it will be compatible with a huge range of cell phones, handheld gaming systems, GPS systems, MP3 players and more. I was so excited when I realized I could plug my digital camera into this receiver and not have to be annoyed that the batteries were low the next time a great photo opportunity arose!

For the next step in removing cords, the Universal Docking Solution for Apple devices has saved my iPod nano from its prior life of sitting unused due to not being charged. Compatible with almost any iPod or iPhone, simply set your device down into the cradle and it is ready to be wirelessly charged right on the Powermat. Is there anything easier than that?

Actually, there is. For the ultimate in "Drop and Charge" convenience, I am loving the Receiver Case for iPod touch that not only acts as a case to protect it, but allows me to start charging my iPod touch by literally just putting it down. Once I slid this case on and snapped it in place, it did make the whole device noticeably heavier. However, being able to put it right onto the Powermat and know where it is and that it is going to be charged balances that out for me.

Being able to charge three devices at once on the Powermat Portable Mat is extremely convenient for both at home and on the go. However, the price tag for innovation this advanced is a bit more than what consumers are used to (the Powermat Mats retail for $99.99 with additional receivers selling for $29.99 or $39.99). But let's face it. If you have an iPhone, it takes care of so many aspects of your life that it deserves a little luxury charging, right?

(Compatible with the iPod touch as well)

The Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone is an all-in-one small bundle that will have your iPhone charging in pretty much the time it takes you to open the box. Once the almost 4" x 4" single mat is plugged in and the receiver case is placed on your iPhone, you'll never have to do anything other than place your phone down to charge it. This retails for $69.99 and would be great for at home or at work or as a wonderful gift for the iPhone user in your life!

For a hassle-free way to charge your electronic devices, the technology of the future is here today with Powermat. Keep all of your gadgets in one place, eliminate the need for extra cords and, in some cases, go completely wireless... I'm only too happy to retire our "bin of cords" to a closet somewhere. For you or the person in your life that loves their portable devices, this is the ultimate in Father's Day, birthday or any-day gifts.

Plus, thanks to the incredible generosity of Powermat, one person will be able to "Drop and Charge" their electronics with incredible ease, because...

One lucky person will win a Powermat Home & Office Mat AND up to 3 receivers for their devices*! ARV $190 - $220!

*Winner will supply their list of devices used and Powermat will provide up to 3 receivers that are compatible.

To enter to win:
Visit Powermat and tell me how your household would benefit from this innovative wireless charging system.

Extra Entries (available after the mandatory entry above is completed; please leave a separate comment for each entry in order for them to be counted).

1 Extra Entry (per method) if you follow Powermat on Twitter and/or Like them on Facebook. 1 more Extra Entry if you leave the following message on their wall: I love Powermat technology! I just entered to WIN a Home & Office Mat and up to 3 receivers for my devices at Thanks, Mail Carrier!
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A huge thank you to Powermat for providing a Portable Mat, Wireless Charging System for iPhone and multiple receivers for me to review as well as a Home & Office Mat and up to 3 receivers for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


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Kimbuckjr said...

I have both of your buttons here...

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I blogged this giveaway...

Kimbuckjr said...

I blogged this giveaway...

Kimbuckjr said...

I blogged this giveaway...

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This would be great while camping

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We are all plugged in sometimes I can't find a plug for my crockpot.

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