Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boba Classic 2G Baby Carrier {Review}

Of the products that have come out since my daughters were babies, there aren't too many that I look at and think that they would have been must-haves as a part of our life those first few years. Yes, strollers have new and improved features and cloth diapers have come a long way... but otherwise, there aren't too many brands or products that I know we missed out on.

Then I was introduced to Boba and their Classic Baby Carrier and as soon as I read about all of its great features, I thought about how much easier life would have been had I owned this from the time Big Sister E was a baby. I mean, even the box is sturdy, colorful and fun!

A soft structured carrier designed for children between 15 and 45 pounds, the Boba Classic is the perfect carrier to begin using when your baby is a few months old and continue with it throughout the toddler years.

Whether you need your hands free to cook, clean, shop or chase after an older child, babywearing has been proven to have many benefits for the parent... as well as for the child (stimulation, physical and mental development, feelings of safety and security, etc).

Boba makes baby carrying easy by making the Classic Carrier straightforward and simple to use for multiple ages - no winding straps, additional inserts or wraps that might cause discomfort. Instead, the 100% natural brushed cotton, adjustable, padded straps and extremely innovative foot straps make this an easy choice for adults of all sizes.

Plus, with the simple yet beautiful color and pattern options, there is something for everyone to enjoy wearing out and about.

Opening up the Twilight Carrier from Boba, I was immediately impressed with just how soft the cotton truly was, not to mention the thickness of the padding around the waist and shoulder straps. This is one carrier that screams comfort before even having it on!

Just by having the Boba laid out, I found it pretty intuitive as to how you would place it for both the front and back carry positions - something that I appreciated. I have tried a wide variety of carriers over the years and there were some that I felt as though I needed to study a thick manual before even attempting to pick up and that isn't the case with this one.

However, I did like the small and simple photo-filled instructions that Boba does include, which made it easy to see just how the carrier is fit and adjusted for both adult and child.

By snapping the wide, strong waist strap on my husband and handing him Little Sister B (who weighs just under 30 pounds), he had no problem resting her weight on his hips and snapping the upper buckle closed to get them both settled and comfortable.

At her age, Little Sister B probably wouldn't stay in the front carry position for too long because she would be more interested in seeing the world. However, for younger children this would be a great way to hold them close and be perfectly content enough to even fall asleep.

The Boba Carrier has the addition of a removable hood that rolls and unrolls easily and is held in place by two elastic bands. Once your little one is nodding off (or if you just need to shield some bright sun), simply open the hood and pull the straps to each shoulder strap and you are both set for a little relaxing time.

Moving to the back carry position, my husband and Little Sister B didn't have too much difficulty getting set either, as my husband knew to lean forward and Little Sister B is old enough to hold on and move her legs to where they should go. By pulling up each shoulder strap and clipping the buckle closed, they were ready to head off for a walk, hike, shopping or more.

I asked Little Sister B if she liked riding on Daddy's back and she gave me a big grin and said yes (I already knew the answer, as she would have strongly protested had she not liked it from the beginning) and my husband agreed that there was no strain or discomfort in carrying her.

But as well as that, the innovative feature that Boba includes that I really like is their patent-pending foot straps that keep the child's legs at a 90-degree angle for proper circulation and posture. Not only are the foot straps movable and adjustable so that they fit each foot and leg just right, they give a natural place to rest instead of the usual hanging.

As well as being more comfortable, having a place to rest little feet makes the Boba Carrier result in a much healthier positioning of the pelvis, hips and spine, which is a big plus. I also found that by putting Little Sister B's feet into the foot straps, it eliminated them from kicking outwards and the person carrying her, also an added bonus!

All in all, I have been extremely impressed with the high quality, comfort and durability of the Boba Classic 2G Baby Carrier. For use starting when a baby has head control and for quite a few years afterward, this provides safety and security that both parent and child can appreciate.

Available in the Classic (ARV $100) or Organic (ARV $118) collections on Boba's website or Amazon, the price tag is higher than some but the amount of use that this can provide does even out in the long run. I'm sure I spent much more than that by purchasing the large number of other baby carriers I wanted to try when searching for one that we liked early on in parenthood.

Don't forget to also connect with Boba on Facebook and Twitter, as you'll be able to hear about product changes, new designs, contests and much more!

(Other than the Boba Classic 2G Baby Carrier that I was provided due to my membership at Parent Reviewers, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this carrier, its features and its possibilities.)


Liz Mays said...

Little Sister B definitely looks happier on the back. I always preferred to wear my kids that way anyhow.

MIG said...

This seriously seems like an awesome carrier! It looks sturdy and the foot straps are such a great idea. I've seen babies with purple legs because their legs were just hanging. I think the legs straps would definitely help with that and make them more comfortable. Love that it comes in organic too!

Anonymous said...

I never used anything like these. Well once. I didn't find it comfortable but everyone has their preferences. She looks a lot happier on the back, looks like a great carrier!

dannyscotland said...

I have to say, I never thought about their feet. What a clever addition. I will have to remember these for my next baby.