Tuesday, January 4, 2011

iTriage Healthcare Medical Reference App

Sometimes I feel like the whole "there's an app for that" thing has gone a little too far. Yes, it's great that there are apps for news, information, entertainment, travel, exercise, games... and that's not even a tiny percentage of the total number of categories, particularly because there are new ones coming out by the truckload.

But as much as there are a large number of apps that end up just taking up time, there are also an incredibly large amount that have made using your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm and Blackberry so much more convenient and helpful.

One such app that is available now on iTunes (free!) is iTriage, the medical reference application for smartphones that was created by Healthagen.

Created by two emergency room physicians after seeing a growing need for patients to have more actionable healthcare information in their hands, iTriage gives people a variety of options right from the start. Whether searching for a doctor, browsing symptoms, injuries or specific diseases (and descriptions of the treatments for them), finding a facility to receive treatment or more, this app breaks it all down in easy-to-read categories.

In short, a few clicks gives you access to:
  • information on more than 300 symptoms, 1000 diseases, 350 medical procedures
  • a nationwide directory of hospitals, urgent cares, retail clinics, pharmacies and physicians (including detailed quality reports from HealthGrades on the hospitals and physicians)
  • turn-by-turn facility directions
  • nurse advice lines
  • help negotiating medical bills through an iTriage partnership with one of the most respected claims adjudication organizations
  • and more!
While iTriage should not be used as a replacement for a consultation with your physician or a trip to the ER, it is an organized, convenient, portable tool to help you figure out what help you might need and where to go to get it.

This app is one that you would hope to not have to use, however, if you experience a sudden health problem, it can provide possible diagnoses and, by using your smartphone's GPS, iTriage can help you find nearby pharmacies, hospitals and other treatment centers. In some states it even gives Emergency Room wait times so that you can choose which one to go to for the quickest service.

Check out iTriage today and know that whether at home or while traveling, you and your family will have helpful healthcare information right in your hand!

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Christy said...

I am a nursing student and when I had my rotation in the ER, the charge nurse told us about this app and highly recommended it. Those of us who have iPhones got it... I have a bb so I never got it...
I think if a 14 year vetern nurse recommends it, then it should be a great app for anyone to have:) Thanks for the review!
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