Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping Track of Time with a Wall Clock

Sometime around the start of last November, I seem to have lost my grasp on keeping track of the time. Between scheduling in appointments, outings, gatherings, play dates and more, the days pass by one right after another right before my eyes and it is hard to keep track of one hour before it blends into the next... which seems to lead to us throwing on our coats and shoes and running out the door at the last minute all the time.

Pretty frustrating.

I think what I need is to be able to turn around and find wall clocks lining every inch of my house so that I can see just how much time is left in the morning or afternoon. It could help, right?

And a great site to find everything from large wall clocks to those with a pendulum to kitchen wall clocks to styles that tell you the weather is none other than

Founded with the simple goal of providing customers the largest selection of high quality wall clocks at the best possible prices, 1001 Wall Clocks offers nearly every size and style clock, excellent customer service and even free shipping within the USA and Canada. The hardest part is deciding which one is your favorite!

Normally when I picture a clock, I think of the twelve numbers and two hands in the middle of the circle - pretty traditional. But, having browsed 1000 Wall Clocks, I love the idea of something unique that would be an eye-catching addition to the decor as well as a practical time-keeper.

What a great, modern piece of art! No matter what the style of your house or the size of your wall space, there is an option at 1001 Wall Clocks that you're sure to love... and who knows? Maybe it will help get you places on schedule!

How do you keep yourself and/or your family on time? Do you think a wall clock would help?



Liz Mays said...

I love how modern and fun clocks have become!

I have used too, but I've forgotten that over the holidays. Thanks for the reminder. LOL

Hey Nichol is going to RR, yay!

Anonymous said...

Hey Blueviolet, loving the shoutout:) Glad you are excited. I'm more than thrilled to meet both of you!!! Now onto the clocks. I have a fun post going up next week about clocks, but really I'm like you. 1-12 is my visual of a clock, but now there are so many cool clocks I want decorating my walls. From different shapes, and styles, they are nothing like the usual clock we see everywhere. Time, is passing by way to quickly these days, maybe a clock can slow down for a bit??

Unknown said...

We use a Time Timer....I love it! It's very visible like a wall clock. It's also portable...I use it for limiting time on things.....It's very handy! Recommended to me by a professional organizer. :-)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Was stopping by to say hi and found this awesome post! I just bought a HUGE wall clock today for above our Tv. We don't have a clock in our living/dining room and it was driving me nuts! I love the look of it and it fills up some wall space!

MIG said...

Wall clocks definitely need to be in every room. It's even better if you can get one that looks like art. I don't decorate around here much but I'd like to start. A wall clock is a good idea. :)